Studying in BIMM Germany 2020/21

As we prepare for the new academic year, we are aware how COVID-19 has changed the way we’re living. But we know all of our new and returning students want to keep creating, keep performing, producing, and promoting.

With this in mind, let us explain how you can still continue or take the first exciting steps in your industry training with us in September in Germany. We know you want to be in one of our vibrant cities as soon as possible, and as we see restrictions rolling back in Germany regarding social contact and more businesses are open, we feel optimistic about next academic year.

In Semester 1, our buildings will be fully open and teaching will return to being on-campus, but supported by some online delivery. We aim to ensure every course has not only lessons in the building but access to our industry-leading facilities and the opportunity to network and perform alongside each other and explore your new musical home.

Over the summer, you’ll each be assigned a personal tutor, who will guide you through your individual learning plan. While Fresher’s Week will look a little different this year, we’ll be hosting an extended enrolment experience, with a wealth of networking opportunities as well as on-line events, city tours, masterclasses and welcome sessions.

You will become part of a fantastic community with a diverse and talented set of peers and we know networking and collaboration is key.  We’ve understood the desire for students to use the college’s facilities, and we are committed to giving students as much access to our buildings as possible, while working within public health guidelines.

It is our intention to have students in the college buildings come the start of the new academic year this September and our staff have already returned and are preparing things for you. As always, our first priority is the safety of the BIMM student community, and we will continually review the changing environment throughout the coming year.   Our goal is to offer full and complete access to the college as soon as it is safe to do so. In the meantime, we will be offering a ‘blended’ learning model with a mixture of modules physically taught in the building, with some on-line elements on each course. This approach will enable us to protect students through social distancing following any local guidance and make the most of live experiences in the building.

The need for some social distancing in Semester 1 will mean that your class sizes will be reduced, allowing us to spend more time with each of you individually.

We understand that having access to the college facilities outside of lesson time for your project work or rehearsals is very important. We will look to maximise bookable rooms (studio, rehearsal, mac lab and quiet study) within the college and ensure your creative work is achievable at the highest standards.

Like many universities that have moved online for 2020, we have experienced a significant change in how we have delivered education by using more online tools and blended approaches to learning. We have learned a lot from the past three months, and we are currently developing the provision to enhance the experience and practicality of online learning.  We plan to support students with access to what you need for your course, such as hardware, software, or financial and pastoral support.

While we’d all like to return to normality as soon as possible we must acknowledge the situation in September is likely not going to be resolved completely. We feel our approach is balanced and adaptable and will help you to stay connected to your communities of students and staff in the college safely. It will give you access to our industry-standard equipment and facilities, and ensure that you are ready to be a working music industry professional. We also believe this will provide the best of both worlds – as our current students have told us, some modules work particularly effectively online, while you still benefit from the community, space and resources in the college.

The online modules will feature a mixture of synchronous and asynchronous content, which in simple terms means you will be able to study at your own pace, in your own time, and in the peace and comfort of your own personal space. Each course will look slightly different, but our approach ensures that each course will have the same minimum amount of weekly time in the building and makes the best possible use of the resources in the college.  Even if a module is delivered online, you will still retain the opportunity to use the college facilities to support your studies, for example using our recording studios or live performance rooms.

For Semester 2 which starts at the end of January, we intend to run all modules within the walls of the college.

BIMM Institute has provisions in place for any current or new students who are unable to attend lessons physically in Semester 1, either due to travel restrictions or health concerns. All students will be required to enrol online this year, and if students are unable to attend classes in person in Semester 1 they will be able to engage with all modules remotely until they are able to be here and continue their studies in person.

Cross-border access to Germany is open for anyone travelling from another EU country (including Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom), however, some non-EU countries continue to have travel restrictions related to COVID-19 precautions. You may be concerned that this will impact your ability to travel and begin your studies in person in either Berlin or Hamburg, however it is largely still possible to travel internationally to Germany as long as precautions and self-quarantining measures are completed in accordance with government requirements after arrival. BIMM Institute can also provide a confirmation of your study plans on request, which may support your visa application and travel planning.

The Federal Foreign Office is the most reliable source of information updates regarding international accessibility to Germany, and you can review their guidance using the link below. This also provides additional information on quarantining regulations and visa applications. We recommend you regularly review this page and establish your travel plans well in advance, especially if self-isolation guidance is likely to impact you on arrival.

If this does impact you and you are concerned about not being able to begin your studies as planned, please contact our Admissions Department by phone +49 (0) 30 311 99 186 or email and we will assist in all areas we can.

We are continuing to accept applications and plan for a responsible and safe delivery of studies from September, prioritising the health and wellbeing of all our students, staff and guests.

Germany has had a robust response to the COVID-19 situation, which has allowed many societal functions to return to how they were prior to the crisis but with ongoing precautionary measures (such as social distancing, using face masks and maintaining high hygiene standards) in order to keep the population safe. Further information can be found via the below link:

We are following State Ordnance to avoid further spread of COVID-19, and continue to monitor the situation across our colleges. We are working tirelessly to ensure our applicants for 2020 entry are able to enrol at BIMM Institute.

We’re also aware that not all students will be able to travel to the city in September, due to government travel restrictions or serious health concerns. So, for that reason, we will offer all modules to those students online for Semester 1. There will be a process to apply for distance learning, which we will share with you in due course.


Course Delivery 2020/21

Below you will find a series of infographics that detail our blended learning approach.


Any questions?

For any questions regarding studying at BIMM Germany in 2020/21, please contact our Admissions Team on +49 30 311 99 186 or email


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