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Academic Development and Quality Assurance

BIMM Institute is committed to maintaining the highest standards of academic and vocational excellence in modern music education. As part of this obligation we continue to look for ways to communicate information about this mission to all stakeholders including our staff, students (current and prospective), their parents and guardians.

To accomplish this, we share information on the way we assure academic standards and manage and enhance the quality of learning opportunities we provide to our students in partnership with our awarding institutions.

In the UK, the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) oversees our provision and in Ireland it’s the Irish Universities Quality Board (IUQB) through its oversight of our awarding institution, Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin).

In the UK, we are aligned with the QAA UK Quality Code (UKQC) and in Ireland with the National Framework for Qualifications (NFQ).

BIMM Limited 

BIMM Limited underwent a Higher Education Review in January 2016 conducted by the QAA and has received its final report, which is available in full here.

BIMM Group Academic Infrastructure

Academic standards and quality is overseen by the Academic Development & Quality Assurance Team (ADQA). The team is led by Andrew Bates (Academic Director & Provost) supported by Mark Irwin (Dean of Learning Teaching and Research), Ruairí Ó Niocail (Academic Registrar), Adam Zebedee (Deputy Academic Registrar), Richard Harvey (Associate Dean of Learning & Teaching) and Jason Knight (Dean of Academic Development).

The team is further supported by Will Renwick (Quality Assurance Officer) and Tom Hinks (Academic Development Officer (Learning & Teaching)).

Queries regarding ADQA matters can be emailed to:

This team works closely with the Group Executive Principals, College Principals and Heads of Education in each BIMM college to manage, develop and enhance academic quality.

All key BIMM Group policies, regulations and processes for Higher Education Courses can be found in the BIMM Academic Development and Quality Assurance Manual as laid out below.

Please note that academic regulations are different for each awarding university – please check for the university that awards your degree to ensure you download the correct document.

Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Academic Development and Quality Assurance

Section 3: BIMM Mission

Section 4: BIMM Institute Quality Assurance & Enhancement Policy

Section 5: BIMM Governance Infrastructure

Section 6: BIMM HE Course Approval & Modification Procedures

Section 7: BIMM Validated HE Course Approval & Modification Procedures

Section 8: BIMM College Admissions Policies

Section 9: BIMM Student Enrolment and Induction Policy

Section 10: BIMM/ICTheatre Student Charter

Section 11: BIMM Student Engagement Policy 

Section 12: BIMM Student Representation Scheme 

Section 13: BIMM Learning and Teaching Strategy

Section 14: BIMM Student Complaints and Appeals Procedure

Section 15: BIMM-University of Sussex Academic Regulations

Section 16: BIMM Institute Academic Regulations

Section 17: BIMM Institute Academic Framework

Section 18: Technical University Dublin Academic Regulations 

Section 19: BIMM Bullying & Harassment Policy 

Section 20: BIMM Equal Opportunities Policy

Section 21: BIMM Fitness to Study Policy

Section 22: BIMM Student Data Protection Policy

Section 23: BIMM Social Media Policy

Section 24: BIMM Academic Appointment and Staff Development Policy

Section 25: BIMM Student Support Policy

Section 26: BIMM HE Careers  & Employability Policy

Section 27: BIMM Learning Resources Strategy

Section 28: BIMM Safeguarding Policy

Section 29: BIMM Public Information Policy

Section 30: BIMM Ethical Approval

Section 31: BIMM Student Code of Conduct

Section 32: BIMM Student Disciplinary Procedure

Section 33: BIMM Research & Enterprise Strategy

Section 34: BIMM Policy on Recording of Lessons

Section 35: BIMM Student Intellectual Property Policy

Section 36: BIMM Study Exchange Scheme

Section 37: BIMM Access & Participation Statement

Section 38: BIMM Institute RPL Policy and Procedure

Section 39: BIMM Sexual Misconduct Policy & Procedure

Section 40: BIMM-Bath-Spa University Academic Regulations

Section 41: BIMM-University of West London Academic Regulations 

Section 42: BIMM Institute RPP Policy & Procedure

Section 43: BIMM Periodic Review Policy

Section 44: BIMM Institute Digital Learning and Teaching Strategy

Section 45: BIMM Institute Internal Validated HE Course Transfer Procedure

Section 46: BIMM Covid-19 No Detriment Policy

Section 47: Online Learning Code of Conduct

Section 48: ProfessionalAppointments Framework

Section 49: BIMM PG RPCEL Policy & Procedure

Section 50: FE Assessment & Marking Procedures

Section 51: FE Conflict of Interest Policy

Section 52: FE Internal Verification Policy & Procedure

Section 53: FE Quality Assurance & Enhancement Policy

Section 54: FE Registration & Certification Procedure

Section 55: FE Special Consideration & Reasonable Adjustment Procedure

ADQA also works closely with our awarding institutions to assure standards and quality and links to the quality assurance sections of their websites can be found below:

Application Process

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» Academic Appeals & Complaints

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