Arthur Blanc

Booking Agent

Arthur moved to Brighton from Annecy, FR to study a degree in Professional Musicianship - Guitar at BIMM Brighton from 2014 until 2017. Since graduating, he has made his way into the business side of the industry. 
He started working as a booker with Cold Fame, a booking agency based in Lyon, who also run their own festival called La Messe de Minuit. Their very first event featured artists such as Fat White Family, Night Beats, YAK and Bad Nerves, as well as many other rock bands from France such as Last Train, The Psychotic Monks and Lysistrata. Arthur has very fond memories if his time at BIMM Brighton, saying: "Those were the best years of my life; I was in the UK, met so many people... and built myself a great knowledge - knowledge that allowed me to be where I am now." He continues "Even though I enrolled to study guitar, I wasn't expecting that learning about the music business would lead me to actually wanting to get a job in the industry. BIMM took me out of my comfort zone and showed me the way to new lands, which I'm enjoying exploring today."
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