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Scholarships & Bursaries

BIMM is dedicated to supporting and offering opportunities to talented and passionate aspiring musicians to develop their skills, talents and self-confidence.

Every academic year, we’re able to offer a limited number of bursaries to our community of talented applicants and students. Over the last year, we’re proud to have offered the equivalent of over €280,000 in scholarships and bursaries to students across our colleges, allowing them to make the most of their talents.

BIMM Institute Germany Scholarship 20/21

We’re committed to supporting our students – whether that’s creatively, academically or through starting their studies. That’s why we’ve set up amazing scholarships in the past, and why we’ve created a new scholarship for this academic year. We’re here to help you open those doors to the music industry, no matter what.

We want you to really kick-start your life in music. One lucky upcoming BIMM Berlin student and one lucky upcoming BIMM Hamburg student will each receive a fully-funded scholarship for the first year of studies from September 2020. It doesn’t matter which one of our courses you’ve chosen to study – our scholarship is available for all undergraduate degrees.

We will then follow your journey during your first year of studies, as you develop your craft, explore your creativity and follow your passion. You’ll connect with industry icons through exclusive Masterclasses, be taught by legendary industry experts and become part of our unique, collaborative BIMM community that crosses borders and oceans.

Please see below for terms and conditions around our new scholarship.

BIMM Institute Germany Bursary 20/21

As well as introducing our new one-year, fully-funded scholarship, we are helping three students launch their life in music by offering three bursaries of €750. Our new bursaries are in place to give a little extra boost to three runners up who have applied for the one-year scholarship.

These are for BIMM Berlin and BIMM Hamburg students due to study Music BusinessMusic Production, Music Performance (GuitarBassDrumsVocals), or Songwriting this September. It’s part of our goal to give students a helping hand in seeing their dreams come to life. Specific details around our new bursaries can be seen below.

Are You Eligible to Apply?

All EU or UK students applying to BIMM Berlin or BIMM Hamburg are eligible to apply for both our scholarship and bursaries – providing you meet our application criteria below. In order to apply for the scholarship, all you need to do is commit to paying your €500 deposit to secure your place of study.

If you applied before 2nd June 2020, and are eligible for our Early Bird Enrolment Bursary of €250, this will continue to be refunded from your deposit upon enrolment (and paid in addition to your €750 bursary if you win the BIMM Institute Bursary). The €750 Bursary and €250 Early Bird Enrolment Bursary will be awarded as a combined deduction to your first-year study fees.

Application Process

To complete your application for this, please follow the steps below and return the 2020/21 Bursary Application Form via email to if applying to BIMM Berlin, or if applying to BIMM Hamburg.

We are keen on learning why YOU are the right person to study at BIMM Berlin or Hamburg, and how you plan to engage with the music industry during your time at BIMM Institute. We also want to know how this relates to your overall career aspirations to establish a career in the music industry.

The deadline for sending the form to us is by 9 AM CEST, 24th of August. Please be sure to complete all required information in full.

The process for completing the BIMM 2020/21 Scholarship Application is as follows:

  1. You meet BIMM Institute’s academic entry requirements, as outlined within your application email.
  2. You have applied, successfully completed an audition or interview, and accepted your offer of study at BIMM Institute Berlin or Hamburg before 9 AM, 24th August.
  3. You are a UK or EU national (Scholarship and Bursary applicable to UK or EU fee payers only).
  4. You complete and return a 20/21 Scholarship and Bursary Application Form by email to the BIMM Institute Germany Admissions Department by 24th of August, 9 AM CEST


If you have not yet applied to study at BIMM Institute in September 2020 but intend to study and wish to be eligible for one of our Scholarships or Bursaries, we advise applying no later than Monday 27th July. This is to give you sufficient time to complete the above steps including successfully passing your audition/ interview and accepting an offer of study from us. We do encourage you to complete your application and get this process underway ASAP to avoid disappointment.

Bursary Application Form


What happens next?

We will record your Scholarship Application and review all submissions after the deadline of 24th of August. A panel of BIMM staff will then review all the submissions, and a network of our industry partners will decide our shortlist. All successful applicants will be notified in writing on the 2nd of September 2020.

Terms and Conditions

The Scholarship will be awarded in the following format:

  • The fully-funded Scholarship will cover the first year of your BIMM Institute tuition fees, minus your €500 deposit. The scholarship value is, therefore, €7,450
  • The value of the scholarship will not be paid to you but waived from your first-year tuition fees
  • From the second year of your studies onwards, you will be required to pay the EU/ UK tuition fees either in full or instalments
  • If you are eligible for the €250 Early Bird Enrolment Bursary, this will continue to be refunded from your €500 deposit

The Bursary will be awarded in the following format:

  • The €750 Bursary will be deducted from the first year of your BIMM Institute tuition fees, requiring all successful applicants to meet the Terms & Conditions (outlined below)
  • If you are awarded the Bursary and then wish to change your study programme during the permitted first five weeks of Term 1, award of the Bursary will be reviewed, ensuring all conditions are still met by the applicant

Terms and Conditions of Scholarship or Bursary Payment:

  • The Bursary will be deducted from your first year BIMM Institute tuition fees. You will be required to pay your deposit to secure your place on your chosen course in advance of this
  • If you are eligible for our Early Bird Enrolment Bursary of €250 (due to applying on or prior to 2nd June 2020), this will additionally be discounted from your first-year tuition fees
  • In the event of you withdrawing from your studies, the bursaries awarded by BIMM Institute will not be included in your tuition fee refund. The deposit for your studies will be retained by BIMM Institute.
  • In the event of a withdrawal from your studies as a scholarship winner, there will be no refund of first-year tuition fees as you will not have paid these due to the fees being waived by BIMM Institute. The deposit for your studies will be retained by BIMM Institute.
  • If you are a winner of the scholarship, you will be part of a campaign accompanying you with photos, interviews, videos through our website and social media channels during the first year of your studies

We understand this has been a turbulent year for many people, and factors related to Coronavirus may have caused disruption to your study plans. BIMM Institute is working hard behind the scenes to ensure a rich learning experience for all our students whilst ensuring the safety of everyone in our community, and we will be sharing an update on how our courses will be delivered from September in the very near future.

We wish you the best of luck in your application and can’t wait to meet you when you join us this September. Together, let’s start your career in music.