History of BIMM

Delivering the highest quality music education for over 35 years

Today’s BIMM learning experience has been developed as a result of years of extensive involvement in music education. During our time as a music education provider, we’ve refined our teaching and built unrivalled connections to the music industry, all specifically designed to help you build your career in music. So… how did we get there?

Over 35 years of experience

BIMM has a long history in music – over 35 years of excellence, in fact. From our beginnings as Drumtech in London in 1983, to the opening of BIMM Hamburg in 2018, our musical journey has been one of continual growth, culminating in our position today as one of the largest providers of modern music education in Europe.

Back in 1983 when Drumtech opened its doors, the music education landscape was very different to today. The company concentrated on drums at first, but later introduced guitar, bass, keyboard and vocals tuition into the mix, eventually renaming as Tech Music School (TMS).

Meanwhile, in 2001 in the creative seaside city of Brighton, the very first BIMM college launched, providing students with degree and diploma music qualifications while connecting them directly to the UK music industry. Originally BIMM was known as the Brighton Institute of Modern Music. The college was a huge success, and in 2008 a second BIMM college was opened, this time in Bristol.


2010 saw BIMM and TMS join forces, with TMS becoming part of the BIMM Group, and TMS in London soon began operating as BIMM London. The following year we opened our first college outside of Great Britain – BIMM Dublin in Ireland, and in 2013 we invested £3 million to launch BIMM Manchester.

In October 2014 the organisation became known as the British & Irish Modern Music Institute.

BIMM’s growing success in the UK and Ireland encouraged us to look further afield and bring British and Irish modern music education to Continental Europe. So, in 2015 we welcomed BIMM Berlin in Germany into our family.

In 2017 we added BIMM Birmingham to the mix and opened our second German college in 2018, BIMM Hamburg.

In 2019 BIMM was granted Taught Degree Awarding Powers in the UK by an Order from the Privy Council. This means that we can write and award our own undergraduate and Masters degrees. Following this achievement we launched a range of unique and innovative courses, built in conjunction the music industry to deliver the next generation of music education.

Successful partnerships

BIMM’s success certainly hasn’t happened in isolation. Thanks to the hard work and dedicated strategic direction of our experienced education partners, our music education provision has continued to be the best on offer. Our past alliances with the University of West London, Bath Spa University and the University of Sussex have been an essential part of our journey so far. And our current partnership with the Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin) – a pioneering force in creativity and technological higher education for over 130 years – has helped us develop our unique blend of academic and vocational higher education.


Investment in opportunities

A BIMM music education has always been about opportunities. From day one, our students put their theory to the test via a range of ongoing collaborative experiences with the music industry. Opportunities such as Masterclasses, live gigs, industry panels and conferenceswork experience, creation of the annual BIMM album, internships and more. In fact, we’ve been commended by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) – the independent body entrusted with monitoring standards in higher education in England – for the quality of our learning opportunities across our colleges in London, Brighton, Bristol and Manchester, and it’s an accolade we’re incredibly proud of.

Our vocational approach works too, with 86% of BIMM alumni in work only six months after graduation, and of those, 83% are employed in the music or wider creative industries in roles such as musician, producer, songwriter, product manager, music teacher, social media executive and music publisher. 66% of students found work through a network established while studying at BIMM, proving that our approach of connecting directly to the music industry has meaningful results.

Successful students

BIMM students make up the largest alumni network in European music, with our impressive graduates working across all areas of music and the creative industries. From award-winning solo artists such as James Bay and Tom Odell, to chart-topping singers like George Ezra and Izzy Bizu, to multi-million selling band The Kooks, and music business professionals like CODA’s booking agent Natasha Bent and UNILAD’s creative lead Charlie Martin, our graduates show just what can be achieved with the right mix of talent, hard work and industry connections. Browse our student success stories to see the many exciting career paths BIMM graduates pursue all around the world.