Charlie Layton

Lecturer, Music Business

Charlie Layton is the Head of Music Business at BIMM Institute Berlin. Since joining The Wedding Present as their drummer in 2009, Charlie has racked up hundreds of live shows, TV, and radio appearances all over the world, as well as appearing on the bands recorded output.

Having worked in various roles for The Big Chill Festival over a period of eight years - from administration, to marketing, to programming a 3,000 capacity stage - he has a wealth of experience in running events. Since leaving in 2009 to concentrate full-time on music, Charlie has been working as a Tour Manager with bands and artists including The Heavy, Klee, and Lily & Madeleine, to name just a few.

He also runs his own events company dealing mainly with on-site cash management, box offices, and bars, for clients such as Bacardi, at festivals across the UK & Ireland.

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