Sky Deep

Live Sound and Performance Lecturer

From launching a label, curating a festival and running a successful club-night to producing award-winning films, Sky Deep is an artist to aspire to in our generation.

Currently based in Berlin, she has lived half her life in NYC and Los Angeles. She has been a touring DJ/performer and guitarist through Europe and USA for the last several years. She is also a member of the 'female:pressure' collective and a proud activist in the LGBTQ+ community.

Music is her constant life force and she lives to connect passions - crossing over with other genres such as Funk, Soul, Rock, House, Bass and Techno. With her early solo work being rooted in HipHop, Sky’s performances and tracks have been featured on VH1, NBC and UPN in the U.S.

Her current productions and performances are continually being featured in German and international media. As founder of Reveller Records (an electronic label), she has released music from such artists as Paula Temple, The Knife, Fever Ray and LIGHT ASYLUM.

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