BIMM London's Facilities

More than just the capital of the country, London is the capital of the music world. With facilities befitting of the city’s status, BIMM London is the ultimate place to prepare for the rigours of the music industry.

The College, which opened in Fulham in 2013 following a £3m investment, spans five storeys and 19,000ft2. It’s an incredible building and a stunning place to go to work each day – but just like the best artists in music, the College boasts style and substance in equal measure.

There’s an incredible 25 teaching rooms here, all kitted-out with equipment from the world’s leading musical instrument manufacturers. Guitars from Gibson, Fender and Ernie Ball, drums and keyboards by Yamaha, amps from Marshall, Hartke and Peavey and mics from Shure and Sontronics.

There’s a Mac suite too, complete with industry software favourite Pro Tools, plus mixing rooms and post-production suites, for students pursuing a more technical route into the music profession.

Indeed, whichever side of the studio you see your future on – whether you’re a performer or a producer – we’ve got everything here to get your musical ambitions off the ground.

Connections can be are a big part of that too. So alongside all the first-class facilities and industry equipment, it could also help that Universal Publishing (the world’s leading music publisher and home to artists such as Adele and Coldplay), is right on our doorstep…

Facilities include:

Five specially equipped acoustic drum booths

Three drum studios

Five Apple-equipped Digital Audio Workstation suites

Two keyboard labs

Three vocal studios

Three guitar/bass studios

Three large live performance rooms

Two recording studios with large, acoustically designed live room

Two post-production suites

One digital mixing suite

Learning resource centre

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