A Tale of Two Cities: The BIMM Albums

15 October, 2021

Every year we invite students to record their original songs for the BIMM Album and this year we are happy to have a new record for each college that is showcasing the great talent that BIMM University Berlin and BIMM University Berlin Hamburg have to offer. For both albums, we caught up with each artist and band for an interview to talk about the making of their song as well as their inspirations as musicians.

BIMM Hamburg Album

At BIMM University Berlin Hamburg, we welcomed six first and second year students to Juniton Studios to record the ‘BIMM Hamburg Album 2021’.  And it was a very special one, as this is our first BIMM Hamburg Album ever and has been released on 15th October 2021.

The album is being produced by Ben Schadow, who has over 20 years of experience working with a wide range of artists as a producer, songwriter and arranger, and is co-produced, recorded and mixed by Thomas Hannes, who has worked as a freelance sound engineer in the studio for many years. Philipp Welsing, who has spent time in New York City working at Avatar Studios and has founded Original Mastering will master the album. With genres ranging from indie-pop to guitar driven rock the songs make a diverse body of work.

Not only did we talk to each artist and band featured on the album for a series of interviews that you can read here, but we also followed them for the recording process at Juniton Studios. Look behind the scenes of the making of the album:

The album is available on all streaming platforms and you can also listen to it here:

BIMM Berlin Album

In the Summer of 2021, BIMM University Berlin welcomed a selection of its students to the House of Music to record the ‘BIMM Berlin Album 20/21’ that was released on the 13th of August and is BIMM Berlin’s 5th Album. Eight projects, hand-picked by industry panels to showcase the best music emerging from the college, each recorded one song over the course of two weeks.

With the legendary Pete Smith (Stevie Wonder, Sting, Sheryl Crowe) on board as producer and giving extensive feedback and input, the students enjoyed access to a wealth of industry experience. Ruby Smith and Fabio Buemi worked as sound engineers on the album. With genres ranging from ‘jazz metal’ to electro-pop, the songs make an eclectic and awe-inspiring body of work.

Catch a glimpse at the making of Ingri Galanti’s song “Born In Fire”:

Listen to the album below or on Spotify, Deezer or Amazon!

Here you can find out more about each artist and band featured on the BIMM Berlin Album.

We congratulate all of our students and everyone working on the album and behind the scenes to make this happen and are proud of the amazing work that students have put into creating the albums.

Please enjoy listening to the Albums and our great artists at BIMM University Berlin! We look forward to the upcoming releases of our students and the next BIMM Albums.

To start your journey to a life in music today, enquire below or contact our admissions team directly on +49 (0)40 874 09 632 or +49 (0)30 311 99 186 or via email at admissions@bimm-institute.de.

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