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Earlier this year, BIMM Dublin welcomed Ber Quinn to the team. Ber knows a thing or two about music production – a sound engineer by trade, he’s worked gigs for John Grant, Villagers, Cathy Davey, The Magic Numbers, and many more.

And who better to teach the Live Sound element of the course than Ber. The sound engineer is well-known on the Dublin music scene. Incidentally, it was his work with indie rockers Villagers that brought him to the capital in the first place.

I got to know many bands in the Dublin scene and made a judgement call to move here. When Villagers started as a band, Conor asked me to come on board, so I’ve been mixing them since their first gig,” he explained.

They met through Irish singer-songwriter Cathy Davey, who invited Ber to work as a sound engineer on her ‘Tales of Silversleeve’ tour — on the opening night, she opened for none other than REM!

Since then, Ber has toured all over America, Australia and Asia with singer-songwriter John Grant. His biggest touring highlight? An incredible live show at Tokyo’s iconic underground Dome City venue.

His work has also seen him tour extensively with Villagers and classical indie orchestra Stargaze – an eclectic mix.

I try and get as many different kinds of work as possible, I don’t want to be typecast as an engineer for one type of music,” he explained.

And it’s this versatility that attracted us to the charismatic tutor. Ber also told us about life at BIMM and its place in Dublin’s vibrant music scene.

“BIMM is an excellent place to learn important skills and make plenty of industry connections. The impact it is having on the Dublin music scene is already being felt, and it will only continue to become more apparent.”

We asked Ber what advice he had for anyone looking to break into the music industry.

“Those that do well in the industry these days understand that you need to be good at more than one thing in order to be attractive to musicians. My advice is to give all aspects of the course your attention and work on being a good all-round technician/musician.”

Ber plays a vital role as a sound engineer, especially when working on tours.

“My job is to mix what the audience hears. It’s important to maintain the artist’s vision of what their show should sound like so I work closely with the act and discuss at length their needs.”

And while Ber may be hard at work running the Live Sound module at BIMM Dublin, he still continues to work on numerous live shows and albums, including Villagers’ critically-acclaimed LP, ‘Where Have You Been All My Life?’

On top of this, the talented maestro is preparing for a set of live shows with The Divine Comedy and John Grant’s upcoming summer tour, which will include a headline show at the Royal Albert Hall.

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POSTED ON: April 28, 2016
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