Introducing the new Student Presidents at BIMM University Berlin Hamburg and Berlin

21 January, 2022

We’re delighted to announce the first-ever Student Presidents at BIMM University Berlin Hamburg and BIMM University Berlin! We caught up with Joanna Herter, Student President in Hamburg, and Patrik Åshage Karlsson, Student President in Berlin, to talk about their new roles and future plans.

Why did you decide to apply for the role of Student President?

Joanna: I thought it would be a great challenge for me to get out of my comfort zone and to get in touch with all my peers. Covid-19 challenged us all and due to home-schooling, we couldn’t network that much. Also, I was curious about the tasks that the role of a Student President would present.

Patrik: I applied for the role with the idea that I could be a link between the students and the school. I knew that the students of Berlin all had valid and strong ideas that I wanted to push forward, helping them to be heard. So when the role for Student President came up I thought it was a perfect opportunity to become this link.

Joanna Herter - BIMM University Berlin
Joanna Herter, Student President at BIMM University Berlin Hamburg; Photo Credit: Kevin Winiker

How did you apply to become Student President?

Joanna: I think I just read the email from Greta Kahle, our Head of Student Services, and filled out the application form.

Patrik: I gathered my ideas and vision and pushed it to the school where I became a candidate for the role. It was important to me that the students knew I would put them first if I were to become Student President.

What are you most looking forward to about your new role?

Joanna: I am most looking forward to the events I’ll organise next semester, I think spring and summer will make it possible to do something in larger groups!
And I would love to organise some kind of exchange programme for the End of Term Gig with Patrik.

Patrik: I look forward to seeing what effect I can have on the school and to practically see how much of a difference we can see in one year.

What are your tasks as Student President?

Joanna: Currently, I’m trying to encourage the students to start some clubs (associations) and I also want to start one myself, a dance club. And I’m organising my first event: A BIMM movie night.

Patrik: Right now, I’m working closely with our student reps and student societies to make sure that the societies get the resources they need and that the students on each course get to collect their ideas and put them forwards to their selected student rep.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Joanna: It is so cool to automatically be connected with other students! To be honest, I’m not a shy person, but I always need some time to get comfortable reaching out to others. But this role makes it so much easier!

Patrik: There are a lot of things I enjoy about being Student President but if I were more precise, I’d say that what I enjoy the most is to collaborate with different students in Berlin and across all schools. I like to listen to all the great ideas and to actually play a role in making them happen.

Patrik Åshage Karlsson - BIMM University Berlin

Patrik Åshage Karlsson, Student President at BIMM University Berlin; Photo Credit: Singing River Productions  

What are your plans as Student President?

Joanna: It would be great to build a better network between BIMM University Berlin Hamburg and Berlin, so this is something I am thinking about a lot. The End of Year and End of Term Gigs are great for bringing students together but I think we could do even more! Maybe some excursions to museums in Berlin and Hamburg – I’m still brainstorming.

Patrik: Since I’m the first Student President in Berlin my plan is to build up this role and create a base of what this role will become in the future. I can’t do everything in one year but everything has to start somewhere.

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