Introducing 'Wondrmakr'

Anyone working within the creative industries who has experienced the adrenaline rush of an inspired idea, will no doubt be familiar with the sobering quandary of what to do next. After all, finding the right people to facilitate the full potential of your idea is often the first real stumbling block in any creative process. Now, thanks in-part to the work of BIMM London’s Head of Music Business and entrepreneur Ian Mack – plus some assistance from his students – the dawn of a new era for social creativity may now be at hand.

Introducing Wondrmakr – A ground-breaking new mobile app specifically designed to help creators build better teams quicker and easier than ever before, which officially launches in July, 2018.

The user experience has been likened by its creators as a mix between a dating app and a cookery book – with the user selecting the key ingredients needed to turn their project into a reality. A free version offers the user access to a limited package (with user-requested advertisements) and the Premium version, costing £9.99 per month, which allows access to fully comprehensive benefits such as:

  • In-depth profile parameters.
  • The potential for over 100 project invites a day.
  • 10 project slots (for whatever creative wonders you’re working on currently).
  • Premium templates such as ‘Organise a photoshoot’ or ‘Form an artist management team’ to help easily build the team you need from a national network of creators.

So, how will the app actually help you achieve your creative potential? Well, thanks to the advent of social media, affordable technology and an increased interconnectivity across the world, a whole new generation of creative freelancers are now building their brands on their own terms. Wondrmakr could be used by anyone looking to turn their creative spark into a thriving artistic reality.

Whether you’re a songwriter looking for a publisher, a fashion designer looking for a publicist or a band looking for a video director, Wondrmakr’s revolutionary ‘BuildYourWondrteam’ tools reveal industry secrets and help creators of all levels build the teams they need to overcome their hurdles quicker than ever before.

Founder and CEO Ian Mack describes the inspiration behind the idea.

“Whether consciously or subconsciously, the very nature of being innovative demands we consider what’s next – time and time again. And we’re very excited to have created a way for creators everywhere to solve their own ‘now what?’ problems on their mobiles for free.”

Mack even enlisted the help of some of his BIMM London students to help roll out the service. One such team member is Cameron Wheeler, whose involvement in the project has seen him getting real life experience in an exciting new business venture.

“My role at Wondrmakr is Creator Liaison, which involves spreading the word of the project and connecting it with creators across all industries. After getting to know Ian as a tutor through BIMM, and through inspiration and interest in Wondrmakr, I offered my help. A couple of weeks later I received an email inviting me to join the team, which I happily accepted.”

Cameron’s experience is indicative of the many similar career opportunities made available to BIMM students during their time studying with us. He described what it’s been like being involved with the project so far.

“It’s been incredibly exciting working on the project, spreading the word to current and new connections, as well as giving feedback on the app’s user-experience and regularly testing it ready for launch. I’ve really enjoyed working with the team as it’s allowed me to meet a wonderful group of likeminded individuals and expand my knowledge on creative roles and projects.”

The BETA version of the app has already proved popular with students from some of London’s leading arts and media universities, and it has even sparked the interest of some of today’s leading figures in the arts and culture space.

Laura Hunt, Costume Supervisor of the 2018 Olivier Award-nominated opera ‘Exterminating Angel’, and Jamie Hartman, co-writer of the 2018 Brit Award-winning song ‘Human’ by Rag ‘N’ Bone man are both keen endorsees of the service, with Hartman stating:

“Wondrmakr is the brainchild of someone who has condensed three incredibly successful decades in the entertainment business into one seriously good app. It avoids the most common pitfall of them all – lack of connections within the industry – and it lets you go straight to the source to get every ingredient in your project right, whatever it may be. Just try it. It’s pretty amazing.”

Wondrmakr are pleased to announce a limited special offer, which is available to all BIMM students. Pre-order the app before its official launch in July, and you’ll get 3 months Premium subscription for FREE! So, what are you waiting for?

Click here to Pre-Order on AppStore.

Click here to Pre-order for Android

POSTED ON: June 18, 2018
  • London, Music Business