Fans of The Wedding Present rejoice, the acclaimed indie rockers are back with a fantastic four-track instrumental EP. The Home Internationals features none other than BIMM Berlin’s Charlie Layton (Head of Music Business) on drums and has already received plenty of praise.

We recently caught up with Charlie, to find out more about his involvement with the ‘semi-legendary’ group and their work with legendary mix engineer Andrew Scheps.

Charlie joined the band back in 2005 following their seven-year hiatus. He was invited to drum for the group for a last-minute gig via a music industry contact.

“I was at a festival with a manager friend who received a call about the gig. As I was sat right next to him, he offered it straight up. It literally was a case of being in the right place, at the right time,” he told BIMM.

“I learned the set in a day; we rehearsed once and off we travelled to the south of France. It obviously went well, as four months later I received another call to ask if I’d like to do more.”

Since then, he has toured all over the world and is credited on several releases by The Wedding Present, including their most recent ninth studio album, ‘Going, Going…’.

The record features the track ‘Wales’, which also features on The Home Internationals. The EP is truly spectacular, thanks in part to Grammy-winning mix engineer Andrew Scheps, who has received several accolades for his work with Adele, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Ziggy Marley.

Opening up about Scheps and the EP sessions at Wales’ iconic Monnow Valley Studio in Rockfield, which have hosted a multitude of successful bands including Oasis, Stereophonics, The Charlatans, Queen, etc., Charlie said:

“I vividly remember struggling one day with some drum tracks, and we called it a night. The next morning he called me, and we went to breakfast together. He used to the time to talk and listen to me. Find out what my problems were, offer up advice and put me at ease.”

“Part of being a great producer, tour manager, manager, etc. is having great people skills and Andrew certainly has those in abundance. He also has ZERO ego for a guy with his CV!”

Charlie has enjoyed plenty of success during his career, both with the Leeds band and as a senior member of staff for The Big Chill Festival. His impressive CV also includes work as a tour manager for a host of well-known groups, including The Heavy, Klee and Lily & Madeleine.

So, what does he make of life in the German capital and, more importantly, the music scene in Berlin?

“I love Berlin. The history of this place astounds me, and I’m a real modern history nut. Musically though, the way it has evolved into the place it is today and knock-on effect that this recent social and political history has had on the music scene here is fascinating to explore.

“I know everyone bangs on about the clubs, and I’ll admit that’s not my scene, but the DIY alternative punk/rock/indie world is thriving. Through my own Event Management students, I’ve recently been introduced to a couple of great up and comers in this vein: Ponte Pilas and The Graves.”

The Home Internationals EP is released on El Segell del Primavera, a new label set up by the organisers behind the amazing Primavera Sound Festival. Listen to The Wedding.

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