Beatmaking – How to Mix Fat Drums and Basslines

11 May 2021

You are interested in music production? You want to know how to mix fat drums and basslines? You would like to find out if studying BA (Hons) Music Production is suitable for you? Here is an easy way to find out!

Hosted by Ableton Certified Trainer and BIMM Institute’s Music Production Lecturer, Stefan Feuerhake, this Webinar is about tuning the Kick drum to the Bassline. Afterwards, we mix the sounds with the help of an equalizer and compressor and put the finishing touches with distortion.

You’ll instinctively know how to bring your technical knowledge and creativity to live and studio settings, as well as what’s needed to work with artists or develop as a creative producer. This degree is available for study at both BIMM Institute Berlin and BIMM Institute Hamburg.

In our exclusive webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Tuning Kick Drum to the Bass
  • Mixing Drums & Bass with EQ & Compressor
  • Adding final touches with Distortion
  • Useful tips for mixing Drums and Basslines

The webinar will last 1 hour with a 30-minute Q&A section at the end, so you leave with no questions unanswered.

This session will be hosted on Zoom, held in English-language and starts at 18:00 CET (German time).

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

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