Holly Glanvill

Holly Glanvill had always been interested in music. “I’ve always been involved with music in various ways, whether it was helping with friends’ projects, learning instruments, co-writing or assisting in social media,” she told Music Week’s Ben Homewood.

Having identified in her late teens that she wanted to pursue a career in the industry, Glanvill enrolled at BIMM Institute Brighton to pursue songwriting. Glenvill took advantage of all of the various opportunities available to BIMM students, making internships and job placement a priority. Through this, she discovered that her true passion lay in the business part of the industry. Having already built a foundation from these experiences before she even graduated, Glenvill was able to parlay her time at BIMM into a position at a boutique marketing and media agency Blackstar located in London.

So far, Glenvill has already worked on social media campaigns for Lewis Watson and Zuzu, recreated album artwork with Max Rad and rubbed elbows with one of her own all-time favourite groups, Everything Everything. “The creative freedom in my role came as a lovely surprise!,” Glenvill says of her new job. “Coming up with lots of crazy and fun ideas, and having clients be receptive to them is so rewarding.”

Glanvill confesses that “making lots of lists” is crucial for being able to juggle lots of different projects and priorities at the same time. While she admits that one of the biggest challenges for artists has been “keeping a consistent flow of engaging content,” during lockdown, Glanvill also notes that “the extra downtime has opened up new possibilities for musicians, such as interacting with fans in different and more intimate ways and sharing various sides of their personality through more personal and DIY content.”

  • Brighton