Peter Jonason

Success Story

Since graduating on his Music Production Degree, Peter has started working for Focusrite/Novation in their London office based in Tileyard Studios.

He was chosen from a group of over 300 applicants for the position as Sound Creator & Marketer for Novation’s ‘Ampify’ branch, which specialises in making music-making apps such as Novation Launchpad, Groovebox and Blocs Wave, all of which are available in the AppStore.

Peter’s job involves everything from the creating, editing and formatting soundpacks for the apps to writing the descriptions, marketing to their user outreach and even creating artworks for all the sound packs.

We’re so pleased Peter’s landed on his feet. Here’s what he had to say about his role as well as his time at BIMM:

“My job is really varied, which makes it challenging, fun and exciting. I still can’t believe I got it! I feel so lucky to be able to say I love my job! I studied and worked hard throughout my time at BIMM and was given the assets and support I needed from my tutors and peers. But I guess the most valuable part of it all was – time.

To have the time to just be able to focus on music was invaluable and from previous experience, that’s something that can be incredibly hard if you’re working full-time and trying to pursue music on the side.”


If you’re interested in studying a Music Production degree, like Peter, you’ll find all the course details HERE.


Photo credit: Seb Green – Instagram: reubenandco

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