Coronavirus Advice for Applicants

We understand this is a complex time for anyone who is looking to progress their BIMM Institute application.

We are here to support you however we can and we hope the following answers to some common questions will help you.

Updated 23rd March

I was meant to attend an Open Day but they have been cancelled, what should I do?

I was booked in for an audition/interview at a BIMM college but they have been cancelled, what should I do?

My exams have been cancelled, what does this mean for my application to BIMM?

I've got an unconditional offer. Will this still be honoured for September 2020 enrolment?

My conditional offer has been made on achieving an EE in my A-Levels, but how can I achieve these if they have been cancelled?

I am feeling very anxious about the current situation in the UK and how it might impact my future.

What is the best way to find out updated information about the admissions process?