Adam Coombs

Music Production Tutor

Adam is a composer and multi-instrumentalist who specialises in orchestral arrangement and digital sound processing techniques. He composes and produces a variety of arrangements for orchestra, string quartet, brass, piano, rock and electronica. His work has been performed at Southbank and he’s recorded with the Tippett Quartet and members of the Welsh National Opera.

He has a Pro-Tools-based recording studio in Bristol where he arranges and produces work for a variety of clientele. He has collaborated as a pianist and trombonist with many artists, including Patrick Duff and Alex Lee (Strangelove), David Francolini (Dragons, Darkstar), Jim Barr (Portishead), Stew Jackson (Phantom Limb), and Jesse Vernon (Morningstar), recording albums and touring extensively throughout Europe.

He’s composed several piano pieces for short films ‘Le Cheval’ and ‘Oedipus’, which have gone on to win at Brief Encounters International Film Festival, and have been shown at film festivals around the world including Aspen, Raindance, Frozen River and Montreal, as well as being broadcast on BBC3 and Canal+.

  • Bristol, Music Production