Johann Scheerer

Visiting Faculty

Johann Scheerer is a producer, engineer, musician, songwriter and author who has recorded and produced such notable artists as At The Drive-In, Pete Doherty, Gallon Drunk and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez.

Johann first started to write & produce music at the age of 17, using an 8-track mini disc recorder. Aged 35, he now owns and runs Clouds Hill Recordings, one of Hamburg’s leading recording studios that contains one of the most versatile collections of vintage gear available in Europe and has hosted artists such as Nils Frahm, Teenage Fanclub, The Killers, The Beach Boys and many more.

He loves to evolve songs from scratch with raw talented writers or musicians and is always conscious of developing their talent and their songs. This way of working is further supported by making full use of the abundant resources at Clouds Hill Recordings.

  • Hamburg, Music Production