Andrew Amour

Music Business Tutor

Andrew is a media and marketing professional with a 20 year career spanning music publishing, TV, film, advertising and digital. He’s managed licensing projects and marketing campaigns for the likes of PRS for Music, Walt Disney Films, Television NZ and The America’s Cup.

In addition to being a licensing and brand manager, he’s also been an advertising agency account director and head of content and marketing partnerships, commissioning and negotiating digital content rights and sponsorships for a large media group. Andrew launched his own consultancy in 2011, advising investors and network owners on WiFi media partnerships at the London 2012 Olympics. In addition to his work at BIMM London, Andrew runs workshops on media and marketing industry topics at Henley Business School and Krems University in Vienna, and consults on marketing, partnerships and content issues to clients across telecoms, digital, media and agency sectors.

  • London, Music Business