Mike Burgess

Head of Music Business

Mike has built a reputation as a seasoned music industry facilitator, a position that has come about from working first-hand within multiple industry roles, strategically developing both people and products for the music industry.

Mike’s reputation and knowledge of the industry is based on his active, day-to-day involvement across a wide range of both online and offline industry projects. From remixing Top 40 artists, releasing on labels such as Black Butter Records and DJing across the world under his HeavyFeet moniker, Mike’s done it all – not to mention A&Ring and developing content for major label artists, and facilitating projects in conjunction with the Manchester International Festival, Universal Music and Relentless Energy.

Mike leads and teaches Pro Project, a module that all students must undertake in their 3rd year of study, ensuring they are as industry-ready as possible, as young professionals. His current area of focus and enthusiasm is helping to teach creatives to build small, sustainable businesses, allowing them to generate opportunities and income for themselves, without the need for a manager, agent or label.

  • Manchester, Careers & Industry