Sam Fuller


Sam follows in the footsteps of Hanz Zimmer, Bear McCreary and John Williams, writing music for a range of formats including, feature films, short films, tv shows, adverts, web series, production music and corporate movies.

BIMM Brighton alumnus Sam Fuller has been making a name for himself as a composer since graduating from his BA (Hons) Degree in Professional Musicianship - Guitar in 2017.

He was written music for a broad range of companies such as UK Mail, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, Barclays, American Express, IBM, Ulta and Kohls, among others.

Although his studies focussed primarily on guitar, Sam honed many skills whilst studying at our Brighton campus.

"My course at BIMM helped me get where I am today because it helped me become more rounded as a musician." Explained Sam. "It opened my mind to new genres and taught me how to adapt to any style, which is crucial in my line of work, as one day I could be writing heavy metal and the next a full orchestral score." 

We're incredibly pleased to hear that Sam's doing so well, and we're sure it won't be long before we see his name being credited on even bigger feature films. Watch this space for updates, and check out his official website for Sam's extensive portfolio.

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