BIMM Student Association

Speak to any student at one of our BIMM University Berlin colleges and they will tell you about how strong the connections are between students.

100% student-led, with support from your college’s Student Services Team, the BSA exists to enrich and continually improve the student experience through societies, social events, talks, educational activities, sports teams and more.

Student societies and clubs

Societies are student groups who regularly come together to take part in an activity or explore a shared interest.

They are a place where you can meet like-minded people, try out something completely new or develop your skills outside the classroom.

As well as being a way to have fun and create new experiences, being part of a society helps to develop skills valued in the creative industries such as leadership, teamwork, budgeting, events organisation, and much more.

  • DJ Society
  • Documentary Society
  • Vinyl Club
  • Skateboarding Society
  • LGBTQ+ Society
  • Jazz Club
  • Vegan Society
  • Bouldering Club
  • Events Club
  • Songwriting Club
  • Five-a-side Football Tournaments
Kashi Chellen portrait - BIMM Berlin

"The BSA is an opportunity to give students a voice and an opportunity to create spaces to express and share their passions. Like societies at traditional unis, our associations cover aspects of student interest, including Vegan, LGBTQ+, Football, Musical Theatre, a particular favourite ‘Bad-BIMM-ton’ and many more! All you need is three people, a logo and to set up regular meetups. There’s also funding available for students to set up their meetings and put on events."
Kashi Chellen, Event Management

Set up your own society

Arrived at BIMM University Berlin and haven’t found the society for you? Why not set up your own?

All you need is to gather some like-minded people, create a logo and get in touch with your local Student Services Team. With their support, you will also be able to access funding for your society. It’s a no brainer!

Student presidents

Each year, a second- or third-year student is elected to become Student President. A paid role, the Student President is the bridge between BIMM Staff and the students, and puts forward ideas, initiatives and questions on behalf of the students.


Ells Sivakumaran headshot - BIMM Berlin

“Get involved with societies and clubs at the BIMM Student Association and try anything whilst the chance is there.”
Ells Sivakumaran, Event Management Graduate

BIMM University Berlin’s student-led group, Unison

“I personally love the resources we have to create new things and the amazing, supportive community. Having such a close network in BIMM University Berlin motivates everyone to work together.”
BIMM University Berlin’s student-led group, Unison

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