How to Apply

Applying to study at a BIMM Institute in Germany

If you already know the course you wish to apply for then just follow our simple step by step guide below to making an application.

If you are not yet sure what the best course is for you, please contact our Admissions Team on +49 (0)30 311 99 186 or email

Submitting your application

Applications for entry to all courses at BIMM Institute in September 2021 are currently open.

You can apply directly to BIMM Institute Berlin or Hamburg by submitting an online application form.

Undergraduate Online Application Form

Postgraduate Online Application Form

We encourage anyone considering study at BIMM Institute Berlin or Hamburg in September 2021 to apply now. At the moment all courses have availability, and applying now gives you plenty of time to successfully complete an audition or interview for your chosen course. This is required from all applicants in order to receive an offer of study from us.

Once you have completed these steps, you still have a good amount of time to focus on priorities such as your high-school or college exams, organise an English language test and apply for a study visa if you’re planning to relocate from outside of Europe to Germany. You can also research and secure accommodation ahead of your move to either Berlin or Hamburg to begin your studies in September.

We also recommend that you attend one of our onsite or Virtual Open Days throughout the year to know all you need to know about BIMM Institute before you submit your application. Please try not to leave your application to the last minute, as courses do fill up quickly and we wouldn’t want you to be disappointed if places are full.

Our Application Forms for undergraduate and postgraduate study contain a section for you to submit a personal statement, outlining why you are interested in studying at BIMM Institute and giving you the opportunity to explain more about yourself and your musical/ creative industries journey. You’ll also be able to tell us about your career aspirations and how BIMM Institute can help you achieve this. Please reference our Personal Statement Guide (PDF) for some ideas of what to include. Postgraduate (Masters) applicants should include one or two academic references in their personal statements.

You can read more about the application process for BIMM Institute Berlin and Hamburg below.

26th April: Recommended EU application deadline

Are you interested in studying at our BIMM Institute Berlin or BIMM Institute Hamburg colleges, and are applying from the EU?

There are five months from the 26th April until you start your studies at Europe’s largest music college. If you are studying for your exams, we hope that they are going well and that you can focus on your future studies.

Even if you are moving from a European country and might not need a study visa, or a study visa is simple to access, there are still steps you should take into account and apply by the recommended date of 26th April 2021.

Please note that our application process includes specific entry requirements, proof of English language (e.g. academic English-language results or IELTS) as well as an audition (for all Performance courses and Songwriting) or interview (for Music Production and Music Business). Should your first audition or interview not be successful, you still have time at this point to develop your practice and complete a second one.

Our German colleges are based right in the heart of Berlin’s and Hamburg’s music and creative hubs. So, as finding accommodation might take a while, please allow yourself the recommended time to pass the application process, plan your move to Germany, and begin your career in the music industry.

15th June: Recommended German (domestic) application deadline

Are you interested in studying with us at BIMM Institute Germany and live in Germany/are of German nationality?

We hope you have successfully passed the first round of exams and wish you the best of luck for your upcoming exams. Knowing that most of you will still be awaiting Abitur results, we would like to encourage you to submit your application for study BEFORE you receive your final results, and by 15th of June 2021 at the latest. If you receive/are awarded any Abitur results after this date, please pass them onto our BIMM Institute Germany Admissions Department via email. We’ll help coordinate this with you.

Courses will be filling up quickly by this point and we recommend you apply by 15th of June 2021 to guarantee your place on your chosen course. For all applications submitted after this date, course study is subject to availability.

From the 15th June, there are 15 weeks until you will join the BIMM community and complete your first step towards a career in the music industry. Your first semester start on 27th September 2021, and there are enrolment, induction, and Freshers’ activities scheduled from 13th until 24th September.

The application process also includes an audition (for all Performance and Songwriting courses) or an interview (for Music Production and Music Business). You will need some time to prepare yourself for this.  If you are not successful in your first audition or interview, we provide a second chance for you to take our lecturers’ feedback onboard, develop your skills, and return for a second attempt. We highly recommend giving yourself time to complete these steps with minimal stress and applying by the 15th June.

30th August: Final application deadline

Are you interested in studying at BIMM Institute, but have not applied yet? You still have the chance to submit your application!

Our application process includes different steps and entry requirements, such as specific academic entry grades, proof of English language (e.g. academic English-language results or IELTS) and an audition or interview depending on the course you are interested in. 30thAugust is the final deadline to apply and complete the required steps to gain study entry at BIMM Institute.

Our Admissions Teams in Berlin and Hamburg will do everything possible to still bring you on board for your Semester start on 27th September 2021. However, if you apply from a non-EU country, the Visa application process will require some time to complete. If you do encounter delays, it is possible to begin your studies through to the third week of Semester 1 (week commencing 11th October 2021). If you cannot join by this week, we will advise that you defer your application until September 2022, as we cannot accept any students starting studies after week three of Semester 1.

Study places will have been filling up quickly throughout the year.  If you wish to apply for September 2021 study, and we receive your application after 30th August, then study is strictly subject to availability and capacity on your chosen course. You may have to join a waiting list for course entry if places are full by this point. Please contact our Admissions Team for further information.

We wish you the best of luck throughout your exams period and success in your audition or interview for your studies at BIMM Institute. We look forward to welcoming you as a student at Europe’s most connected music institute.

Our Admissions Team are happy to support you in your application process. You can reach our colleagues at or via phone at +49 (0)30 311 99 186 (Berlin) and +49 (0)40 874 09 632 (Hamburg).

All BIMM Institute courses have academic and English Language entry requirements.

Academic Entry Requirements

You can find an overview of our Academic Entry Requirements here.

If your qualification or nationality isn’t listed, no problem, please just contact the Admissions Team by email who will be able to confirm these for you. If you are concerned that you have not met the required academic entry requirement for study at BIMM Institute, again speak to our Admissions Team, as we may be able to give you the option of completing an academic and experience-based assessment as an alternative.

English Language Requirements

An overview of the English Language qualifications that BIMM Institute accepts is listed here.

Please note, if you have formally studied English at school then in some cases you will have met our English-language requirements for entry. Please check our Academic Entry Requirements for further information or speak with our Admissions Team.

BIMM Institute requires all students to have a certain level of English-language in order to study, as all our courses are taught in English and use academic and business terminology. We want all of our students to achieve their best potential during their studies, which is why we have these requirements for entry to study.

For further information speak to our Admissions Team via email or phone +49 (0) 30 311 99 186.

Once we’ve received your application, we’ll invite you to attend BIMM Institute for an audition and assessment – this can take place at our Hamburg or Berlin campuses. If it’s difficult for you to travel to BIMM Institute in person, we’ll arrange for a remote audition/assessment to take place with one of our lecturers on your course area in either Hamburg or Berlin.

Performance (Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals) and Songwriting

If you’re applying to BIMM Institute for one of our performance-based courses and are an EU-based student, we’ll expect you to attend BIMM Institute for an audition in one of our performance rooms. If it’s difficult for you to travel to BIMM Institute in person, we’ll arrange for a remote audition to take place. We’ll send you details of the requirements before your audition so you know what is expected on the day.

All BIMM Institute auditions are free of charge. Upon arrival at the BIMM Institute campus, you’ll be greeted individually and have the opportunity to have any questions answered. During your individual audition, we’ll discuss your personal aspirations and the ways in which we can help you to achieve your goals.

After your audition, you’ll be debriefed by a member of the Admissions Team and this is an opportunity for you to ask any questions regarding the course you’re applying for. We’ll then either make you an offer of a place or suggest how you can develop your skills further to meet the required standard for entry to your course.

Music Production

If you’re applying to BIMM Institute for our Music Production course, we’ll want to review a small portfolio of work showcasing your production experience.

If you are an EU-based student, we’ll expect you to attend BIMM Institute for an interview. If you’re not based in the EU or if it’s difficult for you to travel to BIMM Institute in person, we’ll arrange for a remote interview to take place with a lecturer on your course area. An offer will then be made based upon your qualifications, portfolio review and a successful interview.

Music Business

For our Music Business course, you’ll be required to complete an application form including a personal statement. You will also be required to attend an interview in person and present an outline of your experience engaging with the music or creative industries to one of our lecturers. If it’s difficult for you to join us in person, we’ll arrange for a remote interview to take place via Skype with one of our lecturers, and all interview requirements will be sent to you in advance so you can prepare.

An offer will then be made based upon your qualifications, experience and a successful interview.

After your audition or interview, our lecturer will inform you immediately if you have successfully met the required entry standard for our courses, and you’ll be debriefed by a member of the Admissions Team who can also discuss any further questions you may have and advise whether you can be offered a Conditional (dependant on any outstanding proofs of qualifications) or Unconditional offer of study at BIMM Institute. The Admissions Team will follow this up by email.

If you are unsuccessful at your audition or interview, you will be provided with comprehensive development feedback so you know which areas of your practice to work on. You will also be invited back for another audition or interview at a later date. All auditions and interviews can be arranged by contacting our Admissions Team directly on +49 30 311 99 186 or emailing

Please note that on some occasions, our lecturers may advise a period of development lasting some months. For these reasons we highly recommend submitting your completed application form and arranging your audition or interview at the earliest opportunity to allow time for this if required.

If you are offered a place, you’ll be sent a contract and offer letter via email by our Admissions Team. It’s then up to you to confirm if you wish to take up your place and return the signed study contract to us within 14 days of receipt.

Our Admissions Team is available to help with any queries you may have about applying to BIMM. Please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling +49 30 311 99 186, emailing or filling in the ‘Application Enquiry’ website form.

Please note: EU and some non-EU students may qualify for Bafög maintenance support from the German Government, which can be used to help pay your fees or living costs. This funding and eligibility will be reviewed after January 1st 2021 and will be dependant on the type of agreement between the EU and UK after the Brexit deadline. For further information, please check our Fees & Finance section on the BIMM Institute website.

UK Students should also be aware that BIMM Institute Hamburg or Berlin courses do not qualify for Student Loans Company funding.

Any questions?

If you require any further assistance, please contact our Admissions Team on +49 (0)30 311 99 186 or email


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