How to apply

Applying to study at a BIMM Institute in Germany

If you already know which course you want to apply for, follow our simple step-by-step guide below. We’ve also included our list of application deadlines.

If you are not yet sure which course is best for you, please contact our Admissions Team on  +49 (0) 30 311 99 186 (Berlin) or +49 (0) 40 874 09 632 (Hamburg) or email

Submitting your application

Applications for entry to all courses for the Winter Semester (September 2023) are now open. Please note all BIMM Institute courses have one entry point.

You can apply directly to BIMM Institute Berlin or BIMM Institute Hamburg by creating an applicant account and submitting an online application:

Create applicant account

Please try not to leave your application to the last minute, as courses fill up very quickly and we wouldn’t want you to be disappointed if our places are full.

Virtual Open Days

We also recommend that you attend one of our Virtual Open Days throughout the year to find out all you need to know about BIMM Institute before you submit your application. We also offer regular individual College Tours in Berlin and Hamburg, providing a great opportunity to see the campus and college facilities. We also invite you for our Open House events, which take place once a month in Berlin and Hamburg. Please visit our Open Days and Events page for an overview of all dates.

Early application deadline: 31st January 2023 (recommended for all international students)

Are you applying from overseas, and interested in studying at BIMM Institute Berlin or BIMM Institute Hamburg?  

From 31st January, you will still have eight months before joining BIMM Institute’s student community and taking your first step towards life in the creative industries.   

 Tuition starts on the 25th September 2023. Enrolment takes place from late July onwards, and freshers and induction activities run from 11th until 22nd September 2023. All students will receive their localised freshers and induction event schedule in the lead-up to the start of Semester 1.  

 Although this might sound like a lot of time, we recommend submitting your application by Tuesday 31st January 2023. Our application process includes meeting specific academic and English language entry requirements, and being issued with a student visa if you’re planning to move to Germany from outside Europe.   

 Applying by the Recommended International Application Deadline allows yourself enough time to:  

  • Prepare and successfully complete an interview for your course of choice 
  • Arrange your English language test (if required) 
  • Apply for your visa if you are moving to Germany from outside Europe
  • Plan your move to either Berlin or Hamburg to begin your studies 

 If you apply by 31st January, this also gives you enough time to listen to our lecturers’ advice, work on your skills, and work on your creative practice if advised following your interview. For all applications submitted by 31st January 2023, we can also guarantee availability on your chosen course. 

 We also recommend that all non-EU students review our Visa & Immigration page for further useful advice on applying for a visa and arranging health insurance from recognised providers prior to moving to Germany.

EU and international early application deadline: 25th April 2023

Interested in studying a master’s at BIMM Institute?

 There are five months from the 25th April until you start your studies. If you are studying for your exams, we hope they’re going well and you can focus on your future studies.  

 Even if you’re moving from a European country and might not need a study visa, or a study visa is simple to access, there are still steps you should take into account and apply by the recommended date of 25th of April 2023. See our Visa & Immigration page for further useful guidance.  

Please note that our application process includes specific entry requirements, such as:  

  • Proof of English language (e.g. academic English language results or a stand-alone test such as ESOL or IELTS) 
  • An interview for our Postgraduate courses   

Should your first audition or interview be unsuccessful, you still have time at this point to develop your practice and complete a second one.  

Our German colleges are based in the heart of Berlin and Hamburg’s creative hubs. So, as finding accommodation might take a while, please allow yourself the recommended time to pass the application process, plan your move to Germany, and begin your career in the creative industries. 

If you are offered a place of study, you’ll be issued with an Education Agreement and any conditions related to your offer within the application portal you used to submit your application. It’s then up to you to confirm if you wish to accept your offer and take up your place of study at BIMM Institute.

Our Admissions Team is available to help with any queries you may have about applying to BIMM. Please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling +49 30 311 99 186, emailing or filling in the ‘Application Enquirywebsite form. 

UK Students should also be aware that BIMM Institute Hamburg or Berlin courses do not qualify for Student Loans Company funding.

An education agent makes it easy for you to submit your application, accept your offer, apply for a student visa and prepare for student life if you are moving to Germany from overseas. 

It is important for you to use a BIMM Institute registered recruitment agent as they are approved by us to offer you professional and reliable advice. 

Trusted agents

BIMM Institute works with the following education recruitment agents. Please contact them directly if you would like to receive advice about studying with us.

Agent counselling services include:

  • Advice on course selection
  • Brochures and essential documents
  • Country and city information
  • Assistance with application forms
  • Visa advice

If you have any queries about our trusted agents please contact us at

If you would like to apply to become an International Agent please complete our application form. 

Resources for current agents can be found here (Password Protected).

BIMM Institute requires that your English language capability is of a level that will enable you to succeed in your chosen course of study. Detail of these requirements can be found at the below link.

English language requirements

You can find further details of the qualifications needed for studying at BIMM Institute as well as country specific qualifications at the link below.

Entry requirements

Got a question? We may have already answered it here.

Any questions?

Our Admissions Team is happy to support you in your application process. You can contact the Admissions Team via or via phone at +49 (0) 30 311 99 186 (Berlin) and +49 (0) 40 874 09 632 (Hamburg).


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