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A guide to success: your interview at BIMM University Berlin

As part of the application process to study at BIMM University Berlin, you will be invited for an interview.

This is an opportunity for you to show off your knowledge and skills while getting to know more about your course. A lecturer from your chosen course will lead your interview and give you valuable feedback on taking your craft to the next level.

1. We hold all our entrance interviews online via Zoom. Once you have submitted an application, our Admissions Team will contact you and request a submission of your portfolio for your chosen course, alongside clear instructions on what to prepare.

2. Once you have submitted your portfolio, you can select an interview date and time which works for your schedule. Once you confirm your interview, you will be issued with a booking confirmation email, in which you will find a link to your Zoom interview.

3. On the day of the interview, simply click the Zoom link found in your booking confirmation at the scheduled time. This will take you to the session with BIMM’s lecturer, who will have reviewed your portfolio submission beforehand. Please ensure you log in in time for your interview. We recommend logging in 5 minutes before the start time to make the most of this session.

4. Once your interview has been completed, you will be informed of the outcome by the lecturer. If you have successfully passed the interview, this condition will be marked as complete within your application. If your lecturer feels you require further development, you will receive clear feedback and receive a second interview date in the future.

It is a condition of entry for all applicants to successfully complete an entrance interview before they can register and begin their studies. During your individual interview, we’ll discuss your personal aspirations and the ways we can help you to achieve your goals during and after your studies. These interviews are free of charge and are a formal part of BIMM University’s application process.

After your interview, you’ll be informed of the outcome and debriefed by a member of the Admissions Team. You’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions regarding the course you’re applying for, or any questions about the next steps of the admissions process.

If you successfully complete your interview, the Admissions Team will update the conditions of your offer of study to reflect this.

If BIMM University’s lecturer decides you need a second interview to meet the required entry level for your chosen course, you will be provided with feedback on this. A second interview date will be agreed with you that provides you sufficient time to work on these development areas.

Below you will find the broad criteria for interview for our courses. Once you have submitted your application, you will receive precise interview guidelines by email.

Performance (guitar, bass, drums, vocals) and Songwriting

If you’re applying to BIMM University Berlin for one of our music performance courses, you will be required to submit a pre-recorded video showcasing your technical or creative skills in your chosen discipline, alongside a variety of technical demonstrations related to your chosen discipline.

On receipt of your application, we will send you a link to the Portfolio Submission Form which you will use to submit your portfolio, and that contains full instructions for your course of study.

Music Production

If you’re applying to study Music Production at BIMM University Berlin, we will ask you to submit a portfolio of 3 pieces of work showcasing your production experience.

We will arrange a time and date for an interview and portfolio review to take place with a lecturer which will last 30 minutes. The interview will focus on your existing production knowledge, the skills you wish to develop at BIMM University Berlin, and your career aspirations whilst studying and beyond.

You will be provided with a portfolio submission form link once you have applied which contains the full set of requirements and fields that can be used to provide links to your materials and supporting documents such as project screenshots.

Music Business

For the Music Business course, you’re required to complete and submit a questionnaire, so we understand more about your motivation to study, and experience with the music or creative industries to date, plus your creative career aspirations during and after your studies.

Once you have applied, you will be provided with a link to submit your questionnaire and statement via our online submission form.


Filmmaking applicants are required to present a portfolio showcasing their current creative work. Portfolio examples could include showreels, short films, screenwriting pieces, academic film analysis, photography and anything you feel shows your enthusiasm and passion for studying Filmmaking with us.

On submitting your portfolio, an interview will be arranged with a BIMM University Berlin lecturer at an agreed date and time.

Once you have applied you will be issued with a link to BIMM University’s portfolio submission form containing a full set of requirements and submission fields.

Acting for Stage, Screen & Digital Media

For the Acting course, you’ll be required to prepare and submit a performance of a monologue from a contemporary work (dated 1980 or later). We require you to submit this recording in advance of a 30-minute interview, held online via Zoom, at an agreed date and time with a BIMM University Berlin lecturer.

You can also submit additional supporting materials, such as further acting demonstrations or performances in disciplines such as musical theatre, performing arts or hosting/ presenting.

Full guidelines and a link to the online submission form will be provided once you have applied.

Creative Technology

If you’ve applied to study one of BIMM University’s game courses, you will be required to submit portfolio examples demonstrating your experience engaging in various game technologies. These include submissions demonstrating working with games mechanics and/ or development, 2D or 3D, or games engines and coding.

If you don’t currently have a portfolio containing examples of game design or development, you can submit supporting materials in lieu of this including board/ video game content or concept proposals, music/ media production such as sound design or performance, gameplay ideas or concepts containing game or media elements such as worldbuilding, story and characters.

Once you submit your application, you will be contacted with a link to full guidelines and a submission form to submit your portfolio.

MA Screen & Film Production

For MA Screen & Film Production, you’ll be required to submit three personal statements and a portfolio of work with a minimum of two submissions for review by BIMM University lecturers. We also request that you upload a copy of your current CV/ resume for additional reference ahead of your interview.

You are welcome to begin preparing your portfolio and personal statements ahead of applying. Once we receive your application, we will send you a link to submit your portfolio, personal statements and CV via the online submission form.

MA Popular Music Practice

For MA Popular Music Practice, you’ll be required to complete an application form including two personal statements. You will also be required to attend an interview with a BIMM University Berlin lecturer, and submit a CV alongside a portfolio of your experience or work within your field of specialism. All interview requirements will be sent to you in advance so you can prepare.

After your interview, our lecturer will immediately inform you if you have successfully met the required entry standard for our courses. You will then be debriefed by a member of the Admissions Team who will advise you whether you can be offered a Conditional (dependant on any outstanding proof of qualifications) or Unconditional offer of study at BIMM University Berlin. The Admissions Team will also confirm this by email. In this debrief call, you can also discuss any further questions you may have about the next steps or any concerns.

If you receive an offer of study with us, this will be accessible within your application portal. You will also receive an offer letter which will confirm additional details such as how to pay your deposit to study, and also if there are any outstanding qualification items that we require you to send to us.

If you are unsuccessful at your interview, you will be provided with comprehensive feedback so you know which areas of your practice to work on. You will also be invited back for another interview at a later date. All interviews can be arranged by contacting our Admissions Team directly on +49 (0) 30 311 99 186 or emailing

Please note that on some occasions, our lecturers may advise a period of development lasting some months. For this reason we highly recommend submitting your completed application form and arranging your interview at the earliest opportunity to allow time for this if required.

Once you have successfully completed your interview, you will receive an offer of study from the Admissions Team. Your offer letter can be accessed within your application portal account, and further written guidance on what to do next will be sent to you by email.

To accept your place, please select the option ‘I Accept Admission’ within your application portal account.

If you require any assistance, the Admissions Team will be happy to help, and you can contact them at or +49 (0)30 311 99 186.


  • Check you’ve had an email confirming your interview booking. If you haven’t, get in touch.
  • Read the interview guidelines included in your email confirmation thoroughly. We’ve created them for a reason: to make sure you’re as well-prepared as possible.
  • Rehearse/practise/prepare: this is your time to shine! If you’re auditioning, make sure you can perform without lyrics/ lead sheets. If you are having an interview, you should know your portfolio or presentation content in thorough detail.
  • Make sure your equipment is functioning correctly.
  • R e l a x. Although you might be feeling the pressure, remember that we’re as keen for you to do well as you are. Your interview is a great opportunity to receive feedback on your work from a specialist which will help enhance your future practice.


  • Forget to read the interview guidelines!
  • Cancel your audition or interview at the last minute / leave your preparation until just before your appointment / decide you’re going to wing it.
  • If you’re auditioning for a vocals or songwriting course, don’t sing in a key that doesn’t sit well within your vocal range. Instead, change the arrangement or use a different backing track.
  • Forget to practise your technique exercises (this is all covered in the interview guidelines) if you’re auditioning for an instrumental course.
  • Assume that a recommendation after your interview means you definitely have a place on the course. An official offer will be sent by our Admissions Team if you’ve been successful – this is subject to meeting our academic, English language and visa entry requirements.

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