Interviews, portfolio reviews and auditions

A guide to success: your interview at BIMM Institute

Even the most experienced musician, filmmaker or industry practitioner gets audition or interview nerves – it’s totally normal. But you don’t have to let anxiety stop you from bringing your ‘A’ game when you meet with us.

We’ve auditioned and interviewed hundreds of students over the years, as it’s a core requirement of entry at BIMM Institute in all of our colleges. So, here are our top tips to smash it out of the park when you meet us. You’ve got this.

Audition, portfolio and interview anxiety advice 


  • Check you’ve had an email confirming your audition or interview booking, along with the required guidelines for you to successfully complete this. If you haven’t, get in touch. 
  • Read the audition or interview guidelines thoroughly. We’ve created them for a reason: to make sure you’re as well-prepared as possible. 
  • Rehearse / practise / prepare. This is your time to shine, so make sure you’re prepared and can perform without lyrics or lead sheets in an audition, or know your portfolio or presentation notes through and through during your interview.
  • Make sure your instrument is in tune / presentation software / DAW is working correctly
  • R e l a x. Although you might be feeling the pressure, remember that we’re as keen for you to do well as you are.
  • Remember that everyone wishing to study at BIMM Institute has to complete an audition or interview, so you’re not alone! Every student within your community at BIMM Institute will have been through this process.


  • Forget to read the audition or interview guidelines!
  • Cancel your audition or interview at the last minute / leave your preparation until just before your appointment / or decide you’re going to wing it.
  • Sing in a key that doesn’t sit well within your vocal range (if you’re auditioning for a Vocals or Songwriting course). Instead, change the arrangement or use a different backing track.
  • Forget to practise your technique exercises (this is all covered in the audition guidelines) if you’re auditioning for an instrumental course.
  • Assume that a recommendation after your audition or interview means you definitely have a place on the course. An official offer will be sent by our Admissions Team if you’ve been successful – this is subject to meeting our academic entry requirements.

Important update regarding BIMM auditions/interviews

BIMM Institute takes great pride in the value our applicants gain from their auditions or interviews when conducted with a BIMM Institute lecturer in one of our colleges. It’s an opportunity for us to get to know you and learn about your aspirations, as well as discussing the course content and possible career routes.

In response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and potential travel disruptions to some of our applicants, we have developed our remote interview offering and are pleased to be able to host live interviews with a BIMM Institute lecturer via Zoom – an online platform which has both video and audio capabilities over a Wi-Fi or data connection. We have chosen Zoom due to its user-friendly nature and it ensures that BIMM Institute remains compliant with our GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) responsibilities.

We accept pre-recorded and submitted auditions if you’re applying for a Performance, Songwriting or Joint Honours course, in addition to an arranged interview with one of our lecturers to discuss your submission. Information on how to record this and submit your private link to the recordings is included in our audition guidelines you’ll receive after you apply.

1. We are still conducting auditions and interviews, but instead of coming into one of our colleges, we are using Zoom – an online video platform. It’s similar to Skype, FaceTime and WhatsApp Video – it’s also very easy to use.

2. Our Admissions Team will book your slot and send you a booking confirmation email. In this email, you will find guidelines on how to prepare for your audition/ interview and be supplied with a link to your Zoom interview with us. You simply click through to this on the date and time your interview is scheduled and dial directly in with our BIMM Institute lecturer who will be interviewing you.

3. If your application requires a recording, demo submission or presentation, you will need to send it to our Admissions Team before your audition/ interview. This is to ensure that a BIMM Institute lecturer has time to review it prior to your audition/ interview and the process goes smoothly for everyone. Full details of how to submit these files will be in your booking confirmation email.

4. At your scheduled audition/ interview time and date, you just need to click the Zoom link we issued you in your confirmation email and you’ll enter the session with your BIMM Institute lecturer. Please ensure you’re online and prepared at this time to avoid any delays, or the need to reschedule your appointment.

Below are the broad criteria for auditions and interview for our various study areas. Precise audition or interview guidelines will be issued after you apply for study at BIMM Institute.

Performance (Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals), Songwriting and Joint Honours 

If you’re applying to BIMM Institute for one of our performance-based courses, we’ll arrange for a remote audition to take place. We’ll send you details of the requirements before your audition, so you know what is expected on the day of your interview, and what is required to submit in advance for review by our lecturers.

All BIMM Institute auditions are free of charge. During your individual interview, we’ll discuss your personal aspirations and the ways in which we can help you to achieve your goals during and after your studies.

After your audition, you’ll be debriefed by a member of the Admissions Team and this is an opportunity for you to ask any questions regarding the course you’re applying for. We’ll then either make you an offer of study, or suggest how you can develop your skills further to meet the required standard for entry to your course.

Music Production 

If you’re applying to BIMM Institute for our Music Production course, we’ll want to review a small portfolio of work showcasing your production experience.

We’ll arrange for a remote interview to take place via Zoom with a BIMM Institute lecturer. An offer will then be made based upon your qualifications, portfolio review and a successful interview.

Music Business 

For our Music Business course, you’ll be required to complete an application form including a personal statement. We’ll arrange for a remote interview to take place via Zoom with a BIMM Institute lecturer, and ask you to outline your experience engaging with the music or creative industries to-date plus your creative career aspirations during and after your studies. All interview requirements will be sent to you in advance so you can prepare.

An offer will then be made based upon your qualifications, experience and a successful interview.


Applicants for BA (Hons) Filmmaking are required to present a portfolio of their current creative work. Portfolio examples could include showreels, short films, screenwriting pieces, academic film analysis, photography and anything you feel shows your enthusiasm and passion for studying Filmmaking with us. We’ll arrange for a remote interview to take place via Zoom with a BIMM Institute lecturer, and all interview requirements will be sent to you in advance so you can prepare once we have received your completed application.

An offer will be made based on an applicant’s personal statement, film-making portfolio and meeting the relevant entry requirements.

MA Popular Music Practice 

For our MA Popular Music Practice course, you’ll be required to complete an application form including two personal statements. You will also be required to attend an interview via Zoom with a BIMM Institute lecturer, and submit a portfolio of your experience or work within your field of specialism in advance of your interview. All interview requirements will be sent to you in advance so you can prepare.

An offer will then be made based upon your qualifications, experience and a successful interview.

After your audition/ interview, our lecturer will inform you immediately if you have successfully met the required entry standard for our courses, and you’ll be debriefed by a member of the Admissions Team who can also discuss any further questions you may have and advise whether you can be offered a Conditional (dependant on any outstanding proofs of qualifications) or Unconditional offer of study at BIMM Institute. The Admissions Team will confirm this by email.

If you are unsuccessful at your audition/ interview, you will be provided with comprehensive development feedback so you know which areas of your practice to work on. You will also be invited back for another audition/ interview at a later date. All auditions/ interviews can be arranged by contacting our Admissions Team directly on +49 30 311 99 186 or emailing

Please note that on some occasions, our lecturers may advise a period of development lasting some months. For these reasons we highly recommend submitting your completed application form and arranging your audition or interview at the earliest opportunity to allow time for this if required.

If you are offered a place, you’ll be sent an Education Agreement and offer letter via email by our Admissions Team. It’s then up to you to confirm if you wish to take up your place and return the signed Education Agreement to us within 14 days of receipt. 

Ready to start your creative career?

Applying early is advised, as it’s your chance to find out more about our courses, and you’ll get as much time as possible to work on your practice if there are any further developmental requirements after your initial interview. So please take note of our application deadlines detailed on our How to Apply webpage and ensure you meet these.

Our Admissions Team is always available to answer your questions. Just call +49 (0)30 311 99 186 or email

Good luck! We know you’ll give it your all, so come and show us what you’ve got.


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