Four-Week Filmmaking

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*This course is taught and delivered at MetFilm School Berlin

Four-Week Filmmaking is a full-time dynamic and immersive course which covers the core screen crafts such as camera operating, editing, directing, producing and screenwriting.

The course culminates in the production of a short film that you’ll create in collaboration with your classmates. This course is suitable for beginners, no previous experience is required.

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MetFilm 4 Week Filmmaking course

Why take this course?

Four-Week Filmmaking course gives students the opportunity to work with professional actors to develop a good understanding of the “director-actor” relationship and create an engaging, dynamic performance, explore various screen roles including director, screenwriter, and camera operator as well as learning basic editing skills and workflow using Adobe Premiere.

Four-Week Filmmaking is designed to improve the understanding, knowledge, and practice in the following core areas:

  • Storytelling through film
  • Interpreting a script and creating a storyboard
  • Using the camera to tell a story
  • Shooting for the edit and editing using Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Managing a crew

Course, dates and price

Course: Four-Week Filmmaking

Mode of attendance: Full-time

Length of course: 4 weeks (Monday – Friday, 10am – 5pm)

Campus delivery: MetFilm School Berlin

Start date: 17 June 2024 – 12 July 2024

Price: €2,150

Entry Requirements

Minimum Age: 18 at the start of the course.

This course is open enrolment and there are no entry requirements.

In order to get the most out of the course, you should be able to both speak and write in English to a reasonable standard.

Please be aware that we have a limited number of places available for each course intake and operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

Application Information

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Filmmaking Overview

Sessions will equip students with a good understanding of filmmaking process, use of equipment and the fundamentals of covering a scene. Students will learn how budget can impact the look and feel of a film and how to work within budgetary constraints. Students will study the function of individual crew members and the importance of good preparation for a shoot.

Visual Storytelling

Sessions will cover the practicalities of transferring ideas onto screen and ensuring students are ready for their shoot. Students will learn how a director prepares for a shoot using storyboards, script mark-ups and technical floor plans.


Students will learn how to use Adobe Premiere Pro and capture rushes using the right settings. Gaining skills to execute basic file management processes, including knowing where to save projects and rushes and how to perform simple edits in a variety of ways.


Designed to give students an understanding of screenwriting conventions and the essential elements that make up a story.

Directing Actors

Communicating with cast is a key skill for a director, student will develop an understanding of the director-actor relationship and will be able to identify different performance styles.

Camera and Sound

Students will be provided with an overview of the contemporary screen industries from the perspective of the sound, camera, and lighting departments.

Any questions?

For any questions regarding our short courses or if you’d like more information on how to apply to MetFilm School, please contact their Admissions Team at +44 20 82809119 or


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