Virtual Games Workshop: Games to Play Before You Start Your Degree

21 May 2024

Excited to get started with your games degree? This interactive virtual workshop will help you prep for September by exploring must-play titles that will expand your understanding of different genres, mechanics, and design principles.

From iconic games of the past that pioneered key concepts still used today, to cutting-edge gaming blockbusters that have gamers hooked, and everything in between, you’ll come away with a whole new perspective on what makes a great video game.

Hosted by Dean of Creative Technology, Nick Rodriguez, this workshop will give you the opportunity to pick apart popular games and analyse their core gameplay loops, mechanics, and systems. As a group, you’ll get the chance to discuss what’s worked well in certain games, and how other elements could be improved, as well as gaining a whole new perspective on designing for player engagement, balance, and playability.

Nick Rodriguez has had a diverse and exciting career in the gaming industry, working with some of the biggest game publishers in the world. His journey reflects the evolution of the gaming industry, from the early days of PC games and the launch of the Playstation, through to the convergence of web, games, film, and television.

Event details

  • Date: 21st May 2024
  • Time: 6pm – 7pm CEST
  • Platform: A Zoom link will be sent out once you register

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