What is BAföG support?

German and EU students, plus some non-EU depending on residential status, can apply for BAföG funding to help towards either tuition or living costs. All applications are ‘means tested’, meaning that funding eligibility is based on aspects including household or family income, nationality, age and various other factors. 

Depending on your personal circumstances, age at the point you receive BAföG funding, and health or long-term care insurance situation, the amount of BAföG issued can vary as follows; 

  • Students aged under 25 can receive a maximum of €812 per month 
  • Students aged 25-30 years can receive a maximum of €934 per month 
  • If you are aged 30+, the maximum you can receive is €1018 per month 

Please note funding is awarded on a scale between €0 and the maximum amounts listed above. Students who have additional responsibilities such as being a lower household income, care responsibilities or have their own children will be awarded towards the higher end of this scale. 

BAföG funding is paid directly to recipients to help towards living costs. It is up to recipients to decide how they use this funding. It can help subsidise living costs including rent or bills or be used towards tuition fees or other costs. It is up to you to decide, and recipients only need to repay 50% of the amount awarded after their studies are completed.

How to Apply:

You can submit an application using BAföG’s Digital Portal.

BAföG Digital Portal

The application is in two stages; 

  • Stage 1: Personal & household information 
  • Stage 2: Study & Education information 

You will require the following documents which you can upload to the BAföG Digital Portal in support of your application: 

  • Valid ID/ Passport 
  • Proof of enrolment from BIMM Institute 
  • Rental agreement/ tenancy information in Germany 
  • Information on any income, parental or state funded support you receive 
  • Information on previous work, employment or training 

Proof of enrolment will be issued and stamped by BIMM Institute when you have completed the enrolment process. We will issue this document to you in both English and German language.

What course and academic institution information should I list in my BAföG application?

You will be required to specify the course you are studying within your BAföG application, and academic institution. 

BIMM Institute Berlin currently delivers courses validated by two validating institutions; BIMM Institute and the University of Sussex. 

Please follow the instructions below based on your course of study: 

BIMM Institute validated courses:

If you are studying a BIMM Institute validated course, please use the following academic institution and course details: 

Academic institution name:

BIMM Group Ltd. UK 

38-42 Brunswick St. West 

BN3 1EL Hove, East Sussex 

Course name:

Please write the course name exactly as specified below, which correlates to the course you are enrolled in: 

BA (Hons) Filmmaking 

BA (Hons) Music Production 

BA (Hons) Electronic Music Production 

BA (Hons) Music & Sound Production 

BA (Hons) Music Business 

BMus (Hons) Popular Music Performance 

BMus (Hons) Songwriting 

MA Popular Music Practice  

University of Sussex validated courses:

If your course is validated by the University of Sussex, please use the following academic institution and course details: 

Academic institution name:

BIMM Institute Berlin in Kooperation mit der University of Sussex 

Revaler Str. 99 

10243 Berlin 

030 311 99 186 

Course name: 

Please write the course name exactly as specified below, which correlates to the course you are enrolled in: 

BA (Hons) Professional Musicianship 

BA (Hons) Songwriting

When will I receive BAföG?

BAföG will be paid from the first week of your studies onwards. For entry term Autumn 2022, students payments will be made from week commencing 26th September 2022.  

The Berlin BAföG administration authority, Studierendenwerk, may require time to process your application. As long as you submit your completed application with all supporting documentation prior to the end of September 2022, your application will be back-dated to the start date of the Semester. 

If your application is delayed, aka you submit this in October, then you will only be paid for this month onwards. 

Please note all payments are subject to eligibility, which is determined by Studierendenwerk and regulated by federal BAföG regulation.

Further information & FAQs:

We’re here to help with advice on this process. Please note that your eligibility and application is processed entirely by Studierendenwerk and we may advise you speak with them regarding BAföG application enquiries. Please find further information over here or contact the BAföG-Amt directly:


studierendenWERK BERLIN
Anstalt des öffentlichen Rechts
Behrenstraße 40/41
10117 Berlin

Phone.: (030) 939 39 – 6000
Email: contact form or

BIMM Institute will supply you with your proof of enrolment document on request once you have completed enrolment. 

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