Dev Bye-A-Jee (He/Him)

Creatvie Technology Lecturer

Dev is a digital artist with 20 years of commercial experience across various industries, including architecture, illustration, creative agencies, military, VFX, and in both the indie and AAA games industry.

He began his creative journey in 2005 with an Animation degree at Bournemouth. On graduation, Dev began his career in the creative industries, pursuing 3D environments and characters. From here, he developed a specialism in photorealism, which has continued to be a focus of his professional career.

In the AAA games industry, Dev worked on titles for EA Games. Starting as a 3D Generalist Artist responsible for Modelling, Texturing, and Sculpting environments, and characters for console games, he then branched into Technical Art and Art Pipeline Technical Development, acquiring skills in various scripting languages. He has also worked on Pixel Art, 2D animations, and concept art for indie games projects.

More recently, Dev has been involved in developing VR training media using indie games engines for commercial businesses and the British military. He’s also created art assets for GearBox, Blue Sky Studios, and Double Negative Visual Effects.

Dev has been teaching Art, Design and Development for the VFX, Animation and Games industries for close to a decade. He guides students with acquiring software skills for commercial work alongside developing their own art and designs. With an advanced understanding of the challenges of learning new software and developing artistic vision, Dev calls upon his own diverse experiences to guide students to have the skills to start their own career journeys.

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