Michael Henrichs

Lecturer, Filmmaking *

Michael Henrichs is writer/producer and Managing Director at Die Gesellschaft DGS, a Cologne-based development and production company. He has worked on short films, feature films, series and documentaries as producer, co-producer, associate producer, writer and director. Michael’s films have premiered in Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Toronto and Sundance amongst others and won multiple national and international awards. Three of Michael’s films have been national submissions to the Academy Awards - two for Sudan and one for South Africa.

Previous positions include vice-chairman for communications at German Producers Association, co-director at Clinik Kathmandu, Head of Production and Distribution at Greenlight Media, Head of Creative and International Producing at Internationale Filmschule Köln. Michael regularly serves on selection committees and juries and advises on script development and production of fictional and documentary films in various professional development programs.

* Freelance lecturer
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