Nick Morrison

Guitar Lecturer

Nick’s musical experience stretches over 25 years. After quitting classical piano at the age of 18, he spent time composing and arranging minimalist concert music, playing rock and improvised music in Chicago, and traveling to Senegal to study and perform West African music. He holds a Master’s degree in Contemporary Improvisation from New England Conservatory, where he studied guitar with free-jazz luminary Joe Morris, klezmer expert Hankus Netsky, percussionist Jerry Leake and multi-instrumentalist Anthony Coleman. Since moving to Berlin in 2012, Nick has released two records with Afrobeat bands Tiliboo Afrobeat and Kilinba, one with the indie-folk act Charity Children, a blues album with JZ James, and a solo record. He also performs with the global music big band, The Polyversal Souls. His own band, Pallet of Leaves, is a vehicle for fusing African and other global folk music influences, and he remains an insatiable explorer of guitar styles from around the world.
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