Olaf Markmann

Lecturer, Filmmaking *

Olaf Markmann works worldwide as a director of photography. He started his career in a small video production company in the mid-1990s and continued to study media production until becoming a full-time freelance Cinematographer in 2000.

Olaf works across feature film, documentary, short films and commercials and has shot several successful campaigns for Volkswagen, Continental, Sennheiser and Huawei. His latest VFX-heavy feature film ‘Sky Sharks’ just left cinemas to be admired on Amazon Prime. Aside from shooting, Olaf has always found the time to share his knowledge in several educational institutions.

Olaf loves to explore new genres and enjoys the challenge of taking on ground-breaking projects. Over the years, he has shot hundreds of hours in greenscreen, perfected his craft in lighting and thrives in the collaborative environment working with his team, colleagues and aspiring students.

* Freelance lecturer
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