Tim Hamelberg

Lecturer, Filmmaking *

Tim Hamelberg has been working as a documentary director for more than 25 years. He carries out projects all over the world, mostly in Latin America, the USA and all over Europe. His work attended international film festivals like IDFA in Amsterdam.

His work shifts from documentaries with a social focus to scientific films. In between, he is experimenting with new forms of storytelling and gear, like a 360 degree 3D project in Latin America for the Goethe Institut, short documentary series or commercials and music videos.

His work has been shown on TV Channels like ARTE; 3Sat, ZDF, ARD, KIKA and Pro7. Currently, he is working on a 90 minute documentary about the Legalisation Process of Cannabis in Germany, on gentrification and resistance in the Rummelsburger Bucht in Berlin (45 min.) and a portrait about two delinquent youths and their way out.

* Freelance lecturer
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