BIMM is belonging

Meet lifelong friends. Make valued connections. Immerse yourself in music.

Life gets loud at BIMM. Music might be your degree, but don’t expect to clock off when you leave the campus. At BIMM, your course spills out of the classroom and onto the circuit, where you’ll get the chance to sharpen your live chops onstage, take on the management of major UK festivals and make the industry connections that will help you go supersonic.

But BIMM isn’t all business. If you’ve always been the obsessed music fan who felt like the odd one out, this is where you’ll find your tribe. From staff to students, we’re all driven by music, and that passion is the glue that builds lasting friendships.

Life at BIMM:

Access a world of experiences

Don’t expect to spend your course snoozing in a lecture theatre. Whichever degree you take, life at BIMM is a pulse-racing thrill-ride where no two days are the same. One moment, you might be taking a masterclass from a major industry player. The next, you could be starting an internship at an iconic record label.

Whatever you need:

World-class facilities

Think of your BIMM college as Abbey Road meets Silicon Valley. We spare no expense to provide all the best musical, recording, production and IT gear from the brands on your fantasy shopping list. And with expert tutors on-hand to instruct you, you can throw the manual out of the window.

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Best connected:

Industry Partners

From the professional offerings of our highly respected education providers, to the endorsements and opportunities our students receive from some of the world’s most prestigious music brands, we know each and every one of them plays a major role in all that BIMM stands for.

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Industry partners:

Partnering with the best music brands

You could see BIMM’s contacts book from space. Supported and endorsed by the world’s most prestigious music brands, we’re the only music institute that gives you direct access to unique industry opportunities and cutting-edge gear.

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Get into industry:

Your career starts here

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. Access our careers advice service and we’ll help you kick-start a glittering career in music.

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