Meet the team

Meet the team working behind the scenes at BIMM Institute Berlin and Hamburg. If you want to reach out to one of our staff members regarding your course, the application process, career opportunities, events, or promotion of your music on social media then on this page you can find the contact details and names of relevant staff members at both BIMM Institute Berlin and Hamburg..

College Team

Anna Marks
College Principal  - BIMM Institute Berlin & Hamburg
Ciaran Bradshaw
Deputy College Principal - BIMM Institute Hamburg
Charlie Layton
Head of Education - BIMM Institute Berlin
Triona Cummins
Deputy Head of Education - BIMM Berlin & Hamburg 
Louise Macnamara
Head of Learning and Teaching - BIMM Institute Hamburg
Jon Weatherill-Hunt
Higher Education Administrator - BIMM Insitute Berlin
Susanne Walter
Receptionist & Administrator - BIMM Institute Hamburg
Sarah Lebert
Receptionist/Administrator - BIMM Institute Berlin
Fintan Gsänger
Receptionist/Administrator - BIMM Institute Hamburg


Thomas Hannes 
Estates and Facilities Manager - BIMM Institute Hamburg
Yannig Dreessen
Estates & Facilities Assistant - BIMM Institute Hamburg

Admissions & Recruitment

Thomas Beck
Head of Recruitment - BIMM Institute Berlin & Hamburg
Julia Fischer
Head of Admissions - BIMM Institute Berlin & Hamburg
Artur Rabinski 
Applicant Experience and Promotional Events Manager - BIMM Institute Berlin & Hamburg
Greg Thompson
Admissions Assistant - BIMM Institute Berlin & Hamburg

Careers, Events, Guests & Promotion

Nora Warmedinger
Head of Careers, Events, Guests & Promotions - BIMM Institute Berlin
Calum Bolland
Events & Guests Coordinator - BIMM Institute Berlin
Dave Meisner
Events & Guests Coordinator - BIMM Institute Hamburg

Student Support

Luisa Fernanda Lerma Ruiz
Head of Student Services - BIMM Institute Berlin
Greta Kahle
Head of Student Services - BIMM Institute Hamburg
Secil Sen
Student Services Coordinator BIMM Institute Berlin
Loredana Nieli
Student Support Officer - BIMM Institute Berlin


Christina Haase
Head of Marketing - BIMM Institute Berlin & Hamburg
Robert Witoschek
Business Strategy and Operations Advisor BIMM Institute Berlin & Hamburg
Ninette Nassenstein
Marketing Coordinator - BIMM Institute Berlin & Hamburg

Contact us

For all Admissions enquiries, please contact BIMM Institute’s Recruitment & Admissions team via Alternatively, you can reach them by phone at +49 (0) 30 311 99 186 or via LiveChat on our website.

For all general Berlin enquiries please email and for Hamburg enquiries


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