Anders Ek Joins Berlin’s Jam School

4 January, 2018

It’s always fantastic to see our students and graduates progress on to new and exciting roles within the music industry. This time, we’re pleased to announce that one of our current guitar students will be passing on some of the skills and expertise he’s learned at BIMM Berlin to inspire a new generation of musicians.

Stockholm-born Anders Ek has just joined Berlin’s esteemed Jam School as a steel-stringed and classical acoustic and electric guitar tutor. Drawing on his 15 years experience, Anders is now one of a handful of respected teachers at the famed music school which is run by our neighbours, Noisy Rooms.

Speaking to BIMM Berlin about his appointment, Anders said:

“I was using Jam School’s facilities to teach guitar privately. They found out and offered me a job to teach for them. Jam School’s facilities are located in the same building as BIMM, so I’ve got to know the guys working there.”

Anders plans to teach full-time following his degree; currently, he splits his time between teaching, BIMM and his indie rock band – the brilliant Serge and The Blue Racoons, along with his solo work as an artist and songwriter.

Giving his thoughts on the role BIMM has played in his quest to teach music, Anders added:

“BIMM Berlin has provided me with valuable connections and a supportive network. I have also been inspired by the BIMM teachers who are all very different in their teaching methods.”

As for the lessons he’s passed on, the guitarist explained:

“Teaching is a great way to learn! I find that in order to explain something well you need an in-depth knowledge of the subject, and expressing it in words is not always easy.”

So, does he have any advice for would-be teachers, musicians and students who want to follow in his path?

“Just keep keeping on! Make up realistic plans of where you want to be in five to ten years and what you have to do to get there and stick to it. Stay loving, stay positive!”

During this time of year, we often reflect on the leaps our students, both past and present, have taken in their music careers. One thing is for sure, as Anders has shown, is that a combination of ambition and the BIMM credentials to back it up can lead to great things.

Anders, like many of our students, has been fortunate to make the right connections during his time here. We continue to hit home the importance of vocational learning and to get out there, which has always been a significant focus at BIMM.

Congratulations on the new role, Anders!

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