BIMM Berlin alumna Ngoc Anh Nguyen on being featured in Sennheiser’s new Product Story

7 April, 2021

BIMM University Berlin alumna, Ngoc Anh Nguyen – better known as “ANOTHER NGUYEN” – has recently been featured in Sennheiser’s new Product Story for their new dynamic in-ear monitors. She has shared her experience of working with Sennheiser and talked about her upcoming projects and her career since graduating from BIMM University Berlin.

How did the collaboration with Sennheiser come about?

Nora Warmedinger, Head of Careers, Events, Guests & Promotions at BIMM University Berlin reached out to me to say that Sennheiser was looking for a singer/songwriter to be featured in their next product story and she asked if I was interested in being part of the project. From there on I started to communicate with Sennheiser, shared my story with them and they created the visual concept for the video clip.

In the video, you are talking about what inspired you to become a musician – what was a crucial point for you, where you decided to pursue a career in music?

I became a trained social worker before pursuing my music path and there was a time during my studies that I was even living in the U.S., studying abroad and interning in a high-profile organization. I had come so far but still felt like something was missing. Only when I started to get to know other artists who also changed paths later on in life, I realized that music was actually my true desire. It had always stuck along with me whatever phase in my life I was at and then I decided to give it a go by studying at BIMM University Berlin.

Ngoc Anh Nguyen outside, in front of a camera

In the video you are also talking about how you don’t have to be a big pop product at a major label to make music – what advice would you give to upcoming artists who want to start making music?

Follow your curiosity – find out what you feel curious, interested and excited about and then start to immerse yourself in that! Don’t think about the outcome too much. Reach out to others to collaborate, be open to feedback and change, but also learn how to listen to yourself and your own gut feeling about things!

What was the experience filming with Sennheiser like and what was your highlight?

I felt very valued and seen throughout the process of working with Sennheiser. I couldn’t believe that my personal story with all my previous doubts about myself and the ups and downs that I feel about pursuing music was something they felt was worthy of sharing in their clip. It was definitely a highlight to know that everything that has been said in the video and how I was portrayed was 100% me because the audio footage was used from our very first initial interview.

You write and produce your own music – what does your creative process look like and how do you create your music?

I like to improvise when I sing, create vocal loops from there; sometimes I like to start writing down lyrical ideas first and sometimes I start by creating a beat or a basic backing track – it’s different for every song. For my releases, I get together with my producer to get the tracks fully ready and sounding SICK!

Ngoc Anh Nguyen sitting down while being recorded

Which projects are you currently working on?

I just recently released a downtempo remix of my single “I Still Care” and I’m currently preparing for the release of my next single “My Friend”. We just finished filming a music video for the song which was an absolutely heartening and fulfilling experience. The song carries a very important message and I can’t wait to share it with everyone on May 7th, 2021.

What has changed in your career and work as an artist since graduating from BIMM University Berlin?

Since graduating from BIMM I feel a lot more clear about my goals because enough time has passed for me to be able to process all the input we got during the studies. During my time at BIMM, it was actually quite challenging for me to balance my music projects with my part-time job. I started saving money and quit my job after graduating to be able to fully focus on my artist project and I can definitely feel the benefits and impact of taking that step now!

Ngoc Anh Nguyen outside, talking with staff

How did studying at BIMM University Berlin help you to kick start your career as a musician, songwriter and producer?

In hindsight, I can say that when I started studying at BIMM, I was quite inexperienced. There were many areas of the music industry that I didn’t know about and many skills that I haven’t had before and didn’t even think I would be able to learn such as producing my own music. I also never thought I would be interested in writing songs for other artists as well. Studying at BIMM has helped me to become more open to different paths, more realistic but at the same time more enthusiastic about building a music career. Having met so many like-minded and hard-working people was motivating, at times challenging (because of my self-doubts) but ultimately it prepared me to get out there and basically, I was able to gain a huge network of future colleagues through my time at BIMM.

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Photography: Patrice Kunte 

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