BIMM Berlin Student Internships at the Music Video Awards

5 July, 2016

Five very lucky BIMM Berlin students have recently completed three-month-long internships at the Berlin Music Video Awards, helping to make the event a roaring success.

Christin Van Treel, Alexandrine Joseph, Giorgio De Palo, Tanya Coton and Elliot Lööf all took on formal roles in the lead up to the event, operating as much more than just ‘helping hands’, with three out of five of the BIMM students functioning as managers and supervising at least five people, as well as coordinating with other professionals.

The unique opportunity came about following discussions by BMVA founder, Aviel Silook, and BIMM’s Lisa Wadham, with both parties keen to make sure the internships were genuine prospects for the BIMM students, enabling them to connect to the music business and gain real industry experience. Aviel had weekly meetings with each of the five interns, listening to their feedback and giving them the chance to influence the decision making of the event, while helping to shape its future.

BIMM Berlin Songwriting student, Alexandrine Joseph, had nothing but praise for the programme:

“I had a great time working at the BMVAs! Throughout the internship I was considered to be a full member of the team and could always bring in my ideas. I was able to experience different aspects of organising and work with various different people. The team environment was absolutely great. Everyone was treated respectfully and it was a friendly place to work – we helped each other out a lot. The event itself was great fun, though of course there was also a lot of stress and hard work involved… but the results were fully worth all the effort.”

The event became even more exciting for the interns when top designer Vita Dature decided to present her latest collection at the awards, and Alexandrine and Giorgio were more than happy to get involved and help to model and present the clothes.

Alexandrine explained in more detail exactly what she got up to between March and May:

 “I was part of the Press Team, where I contacted TV and radio stations to attain some publicity for the festival. My main contribution to the event though was as Stage Production Manager. This involved many different tasks both in preparation for the festival and at the event itself. Firstly, I wrote the stage script for the entire festival, which meant gathering all the information about sponsors, performers, judges, transitions, etc. Then all this information needed to be explained to the hosts and also discussed with the rest of the stage team (light and sound technicians, stage runners, performers, etc.). After all these preparations I then had to make sure that everything ran well during the event itself.“

The future certainly looks bright, not only for the five BIMM Berlin BMVA interns, but for other students wishing to get involved in BIMM’s one-of-a-kind work experience programme. Aviel was so impressed by BIMM’s involvement in the awards that he’s spoken of his desire to collaborate with the music college moving forwards:

As we grow, we would like to take the BIMM students with us. We’d like to mentor them and help them build a professional portfolio which will open new doors for them in their future careers. I’d be happy to collaborate long term, so that BIMM Berlin students can get more than just a taste of the BMVAs and actually start a career with us.”

This is just another example of how BIMM Berlin helps to connect our students to the ‘real world’ of the music industry, and we’d like to say a huge thanks to all at the Berlin Music Video Awards for giving our students such incredible life-changing career opportunities.

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