BIMM University Berlin Graduation 2019

27 November, 2019

BIMM University Berlin’s 2019 graduation ceremony took place last week. It was a magical day full of celebration and inspiration as our graduating students came together with our special guests.

BIMM University Berlin Graduation 2019 - all students together

The stunning event was held at Silent Green Kulturquartier, a grand historic building, built-in 1910. The Graduation took place in the Cupola, the heart of this period building with high ceilings and striking acoustics. 

More than 250 graduates, friends, family members, special guests, BIMM University Berlin’s Heads of Department, lecturers and staff attended the ceremony. College Principal of BIMM University Berlin Germany, Dr Nick Donovan, and BIMM University Berlin Germany’s Executive Principal, Vaseema Hamilton, attended the Graduation alongside special guest and BIMM University Berlin patron, Sebastian Szary, from Modeselektor


“Fortune favours the kind and connected”

– Sebastian Szary, Modeselektor


Szary gave an interesting and inspiring Q&A session about his music industry experience and provided our graduating students with some important advice for the future. His top tip? Just create and do whatever you love. 

students sitting down at the BIMM University Berlin Graduation 2019

BIMM University Berlin College Principal, Dr Nick Donovan, gave a poignant speech about the importance of cultivating your community and helping those around you to succeed, which will, in turn, help you.

Drawing upon research from Canadian forest ecologist Suzanna Simard (the ‘wood wide web’) to make his point, Donovan explained:

“This underground invisible network exists in forests all over the world and literally allows trees to talk to one another, take care of each other and even save each other’s lives – for example, a group of trees can notice one of their neighbours dying and collectively send food and nutrients to it like some sort of mass ritual feeding and nursing.”

Dr Donovan emphasised the importance of connecting and networking with one another, “The bottom line is connections and networks are what keeps the industry alive, so why not be a part of that collaborative intelligence and give back? Be more like the wood wide web because, in the longer term, fortune favours the kind and connected.”

Vaseema Hamilton also gave a moving speech about the vitalness of supporting each other and working together to build a better future for creatives.

BIMM University Berlin Graduate Performances

Student holding microphone at BIMM University Berlin Graduation 2019

Of course, what better way to show how talented our second wave of graduates are than by hosting a few special performances? Berlin graduate Ivan Orlin performed an impressive piece on the violin, while graduates Ásdís María Viðarsdóttir and Petur Heidarson performed a moving piece titled Turned the Lights Down, which had many members of the audience in tears. The two had composed it during a class at BIMM University Berlin. Graduates Elias Olivera Graversen and Gaby Sforza also performed two powerful songs. 

Like last year’s graduation, BIMM University Berlin Germany College Principal Dr Nick Donovan was incredibly happy with how the day went, “We felt incredibly lucky and proud to have such excellent students graduate from our degree courses, with many of them now working full time in the music industry and following their passions in the professional world.”

Dr Donovan continued, “This graduation event was a grand affair and one that spoke to the success of each student’s work, the pride and love of their family and friends who joined us on the day, and the huge potential these individuals have to create a music industry which is forward-thinking, inclusive and diverse. We wish them well in all their pursuits and hope they look back on their time at BIMM University Berlin with fondness and inspiration.”

Here at BIMM University Berlin, we’d like to thank all our special guests for attending our BIMM University Berlin Graduation ceremony and offer a huge congratulations to our graduating students of 2019. We can’t wait to watch them achieve their personal and professional goals within the music industry and know they’ll go on to achieve everything they’ve worked so hard for and thoroughly deserve. 


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