BIMM University Berlin Screen & Film Faculty: First lecturers confirmed

11 April, 2022

From Autumn 2022, BIMM University Berlin’s new Screen & Film Faculty will be opening its doors to welcome the next generation of filmmakers. At BIMM University Berlin, we are proud that all our lecturers are active industry professionals who bring their vast knowledge and expertise to students. We are delighted to continue this ethos for our new Screen and Film Faculty, bringing in experts from the film and audiovisual industry.

Without further ado, we are now delighted to introduce the first four lecturers who will be supporting students throughout the Filmmaking course.

Olaf Markmann

Director of Photography and lecturer at BIMM University Berlin Olaf Markmann while on shoot. He is holding a large camera and looking into the monitor.

“Seeing the growing passion of the students while exploring the gear, the legacy and the possibilities of their chosen path is a deeply rewarding motivation to be in constant exchange with them.”

Olaf is a Director of Photography whose cinematography portfolio spans feature film, documentary, short film and commercials. With expertise in VFX, shooting with greenscreen and light set up, Olaf is joining BIMM University Berlin’s Screen & Film Faculty will be teaching the Camera, Lighting & Sound, Short Film and Editing & Post-Production modules.

Recent project: Sky Sharks, released in cinemas 2020

Laura Fong Prosper

Visual artist, video edit, VJ and lecturer at BIMM University Berlin Laura Fong Prosper

“One of my favourite aspects of teaching, especially in the audiovisual field, is to give students a historical perspective, either by watching old films, working with archival material or with old equipment, so that they get a better understanding of the current available media, how it works and why we use it nowadays.”

Working within the boundaries of the analogue and digital realms, Laura is a visual artist, video editor and VJ whose work has exhibited in China, Panama, Germany, Costa Rica, Colombia, the United States, Brazil, Ukraine, El Salvador, Dominican Republican, France and online. At BIMM University Berlin, Laura will be teaching on Music Video Production and Editing & Post-Production modules.

Recent project: Dawn, currently on display at the Centre Pompidou (Paris).

Joseph Heaselgrave

Senior technical assistant and lecturer at BIMM University Berlin Joseph Heaselgrave

“For me, the most fascinating thing in any creative industry role is the way in which different skillsets from various areas of expertise cross over and converge. With post-production, there is the director’s vision of how the project will come together, but you have editors, a musical score, sound design, and colourist/grading all working simultaneously to help realise this end result and progress the narrative in its own way.”

With years of experience working in-house at a London-based post-production facility, Joseph has seen all facets of audiovisual production – from working as a runner, through the technical machine room to senior edit support and audio assisting. He has closely collaborated with production and editing departments and understands how to bring a project to fruition from start to finish.

Recent projects: David Attenborough Extinction: The Facts, South Bank Show, Travel Man 48 hours in…

Nico Uris

Image of Nico Uris, cinematographer and lecturer at BIMM University Berlin.

“What I love most about teaching in the creative field is the ability to give students the tools they need to see their ideas come to life. The beauty of the creative industries is that all areas are interconnected  and that the knowledge you learn, no matter how much you want to specialise in one discipline, will always make you grow as an artist”

Nico is the co-founder of Singing River Films, a Berlin-based film production company where he also works as a cinematographer. With previous experience working on large creative teams, including at Disney and on music videos, we are so excited for Nico to join us to guide our Filmmaking students through Camera, Lighting & Sound and Editing & Post-Production modules.

Recent projects: El Bosque (Short Film), Quasimodo Live Music Series, In Motion (Music Video)

Miles Mantle

Image of screen writer Miles Mantle who will be joining BIMM University Berlin as a lecturer in the Screen & Film Faculty

“It’s a real privilege to be supporting filmmakers to connect with their interests and develop their expertise. It’s an amazing process to be part of and I can’t wait to get started.”

With over 10 years’ experience in the creative industries, Miles is an accomplished screenwriter for film and television. His current projects include a feature in development with a Palme D’Or-winning production company and an Oscar-nominated director. He has another feature under option to a BFI Vision Awardee. Miles also has an extensive background in education and is thrilled to be working with up-and-coming filmmakers at BIMM.

Current project: political thriller feature with Palme D’Or-winning company Sixteen Films and Oscar-nominated director Sean Ellis.

We are truly thrilled to have Olaf, Laura, Joseph, Nico and Miles joining us at BIMM University Berlin’s Screen & Film faculty. Their knowledge, wisdom and industry expertise will bring invaluable insights to the classroom, helping to jumpstart our student’s careers within the film industry.

Read more about our Filmmaking lecturers here.

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