A first look at BIMM University Berlin’s video games facilities

4 March, 2024

BIMM University Berlin is delighted to announce brand-new facilities for students enrolled in our upcoming bachelor’s programmes focused on Video Games.

3D render of BIMM University Berlin's facilities for video games. The image depicts a room filled with desks with gaming PCs, 2 screens, gaming chairs and neon lights.

What are the new courses?

The new Video Games courses blend the creative aspects of game design and art with the technical expertise of programming and development.

Our gaming students will have ample opportunities to collaborate with our students in filmmaking, acting and music, and we’re excited to witness the creativity that arises from these connections.

Students will also have the unique opportunity to collaborate remotely with their peers at BIMM University’s Screen and Film School campus in Brighton, UK. Both groups will experience the same curriculum simultaneously, creating project opportunities that reflect the global nature of the gaming industry today.

BA (Hons) Games Design and Development: Our brand-new BA (Hons) Games Design and Development degree combines gaming expertise and theoretical understanding of game design and development. Throughout the course, you will delve into the intricacies of the game development process, gaining insights into narrative design, mechanics, technical design, and level design pipelines. Ultimately, this course is all about understanding how players interact with games systems and what motivates them, as well as using games engines to test your own ideas out.

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BA (Hons) Games Art and Technology: BA (Hons) Games Art and Technology is a bespoke course that helps students to gain an intimate understanding of the art development process, exploring areas like environment design, character design and technical art practice. Designed to prepare you for a successful career in art departments within the games industry, you will gain a strong understanding of how 3D models are designed, built and deployed into games engines.

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BSc (Hons) Games Technology: Our BSc (Hons) is your gateway to understanding how games are built from the ground up. Made to build careers that rely on cutting-edge technologies, you will discover both the technical intricacies and theoretical foundations of games engines, empowering you to not only impact the game industries, but also influence fields such as visualisation, architecture and training.

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The facilities

Based within House of Music, our new video games facilities have been meticulously chosen and prepared by Dean of Games and Creative Technology, Nick Rodriguez. Studying alongside students on our music courses, video game students will be able to master the full range of established and emerging technologies in the games industry, as well as find unique collaborative opportunities from across our course offering.

The custom-designed facilities will incorporate:

  • A machine lab for all machine-based learning
  • A workshop / play space for non-machine-based learning, e.g. physical prototyping and industry lectures

The facilities will consist of top-of-the-line hardware, including:

  • 30 high-spec gaming PCs with the latest Nvidia RTX Graphics Cards
  • Wacom Cintiq and Intuos graphics tablets
  • Complete console gaming facility featuring PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S & X, Nintendo Switch and legacy systems

Students will receive training on software that meets industry standards, including:

  • Unreal 5
  • Unity
  • Adobe Creative Cloud including Photoshop, Audition, Substance 3D Painter and Designer
  • Side FX Houdini
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Visual Studio
  • ZBrush

Render of Workshop Space

Nick Rodriguez shared the following thoughts on the new development:

“This marks an incredibly exciting milestone for our Creative Technology faculty. I’m thrilled to introduce our new facilities equipped with the best industry-standard equipment, and I can’t wait to see our students dive into hands-on learning experiences.”

These cutting-edge facilities will offer unmatched opportunities for our students, preparing them for success in the ever-evolving video game industry. The entire BIMM University community eagerly anticipates welcoming our new cohort of talented students in September 2024.

Ready to kickstart your career in the video game industry? Applications for September 2024 are open.

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