Esther Eden: My Journey in Music So Far

4 March, 2020

It’s no secret that successful music industry professionals have walked through our doors and mastered their craft. Esther Eden, one of our fiercely talented Songwriting students, is already taking the industry by storm while learning more about songwriting and the industry throughout her studies.

At 16 years old, Esther seized the opportunity to perform an original song in front of Jessie J at her high school. This life-changing moment led the multi-award-winning artist to ask Esther to perform with her onstage to over 10,000 people that very night. A year later, Esther was signed with Universal Music MENA. 

Esther moved from her home in Dubai to join us at BIMM University Berlin – and her music and creativity have progressed at an impressive rate. Only last year, her own playlist and interview were broadcasted across all Emirates Airlines flights. My Own Way, her new EP, will be released in April 2020.

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Featuring my upcoming track “My Own Way”. You can watch this video on your Emirates flight for the next two months.

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We caught up with Esther to discuss her musical journey so far and what advice she’d give to other aspiring musicians. 

Can you tell us more about that incredible moment performing in front of Jessie J?

My mum told me that I needed to sing the song I wrote (‘Is This Love’ from my debut album, Solitaire) [in front of Jessie J when she came to my high school] […] I got on stage all nervous, […] I started the song and then Jessie J stopped me after the chorus, asking me if I could restart the song so she could record it on her phone.

Jessie J said that she liked it so much and asked if I could perform it at her concert that very night […] I was in tears. Jessie J was headling the festival RedFest Dxb. I got to watch her perform from the side of the stage, met her team and got to perform the first song I ever wrote in the middle of her set. 

That moment changed my life. After being bullied in high school and not having a lot of support considering my ethnic background, this motivated me to continue writing music. 

How did it feel when you first heard the news about being signed to Universal?

It was definitely exciting. When I first started making music, it was just for the fun of it. Then, after working with another artist in Dubai, he suggested that I meet up with the major labels […]The next thing I knew, I started releasing my original music with Universal Music. 


“BIMM University Berlin really allows you to meet and work with other amazing talents in the field.”

– Esther Eden


In what way does studying at BIMM University Berlin enrich your career and knowledge?

BIMM University Berlin really allows you to meet and work with other amazing talents in the field. I am currently working with August Ingram, (a 21-year-old BIMM producer) who produced ‘Blue Case’ and my upcoming EP. In the past, I’ve collaborated with Miina Viitala and Viktor Velinov on my track, ‘My Own Way’. 

I also perform my music with amazing musicians. These include Johannes Kuttler on the guitar, Emilio Amaru on the bass, Josh Hendriks on the drums, Hannah Kelly on BVs and Miina Viitala on the violin and BVs.

How do you juggle your studies with your career?

[When it comes to juggling the two,] being able to learn more about my craft (which is also my career) definitely helps.

What advice would you give to other aspiring musicians?

As long as you love it, you’ve got to do it. Commit to your music, keep learning and keep growing. Be self-organised too and consistent with your work. 

What are you currently working on?

I have recently released three new singles, ‘Easy’, ‘My Own Way’ and ‘Help’. These are from my upcoming EP, My Own Way


“Commit to your music, keep learning and keep growing.”

– Esther Eden


How did your project come about, and what’s been the best thing about working on it?

I always write new music but […] having to organise the recording sessions always takes time. It’s always great though seeing the potential of the tracks and getting to be involved with them coming to life. 

I got to work with August Ingram too. Over the past two years, he’s really understood me as a person and as an artist. He brings out the best in my music. 

When can we find out more about you and your upcoming projects?

You can head to my website, Spotify, Apple, Instagram or Facebook

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