BIMM University Berlin graduate secures Netflix sync deal

23 April, 2024

Elias Melkersen (AKA Fig Tape) graduated from our Music Production course in 2022. This year, he secured a sync deal with one of Netflix’s biggest non-English TV series, Young Royals. Elias created the song featured, titled ‘Favors’, as part of his final bachelor’s project.

Fig Tape’s ‘Favors’ features as part of Netflix’s Young Royals soundtrack

‘Favors’ is the first track that appears on Elias’ 2022 EP Second Thoughts. The seven-track EP came to life as part of Elias’ final BIMM project, in which he had to deliver 30 minutes of solo-produced sound.

“My final project really pushed me to finish up my EP for my solo project. It gave me the guts to take that step into putting out music as a solo artist, which I’m still doing two years later. I’m so grateful that my studies gave me that nudge I needed.”

Elias Melkersen AKA Fig Tape

Appearing as part of the Young Royals official soundtrack, ‘Favors’ can be heard at the beginning of season three’s third episode.

About Young Royals

Young Royals is a Swedish Netflix series that first premiered on the platform in July 2021. The fictional three-season drama, set at a boarding school, largely follows the romance between Prince Wilhelm of Sweden and fellow student Simon Eriksson.

The show has been well-received with strong reviews from critics and the public alike, making it to the top 10 in dozens of countries and also clinching top spots in Netflix’s global non-English TV rankings.

About Fig Tape

Fig Tape (Elias Melkersen) - BIMM University Berlin graduate secures Netflix sync deal

Elias Melkersen is Fig Tape: an Oslo-based artist and producer who blends the sounds of Berlin’s electronic scene with indie-pop and northern melodic landscapes.

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