Screen and film industry networking for filmmaking students at BIMM Institute Berlin’s Molecule Studios

22 May, 2023

At the start of the month, we opened up our doors to Berlin’s screen and film industry for our first industry networking event. Our first-year filmmakers had the chance to make incredible connections with representatives from film festivals, TV companies, script consultancies, the acting industry and many more in attendance.

For our industry guests, the event was an opportunity to see the professional-standard filmmaking and acting facilities available at Molecule Studios, check out our students’ screen and film projects, and scout out future interns and collaborators.

With the screen and film industry worldwide reporting a lack in skilled workers across roles and sectors, this was the perfect opportunity for students to discover the opportunities available, and for guests to explore the ways they can invest in the talent of tomorrow.

The event was hosted in collaboration with medianet berlinbrandeburg e.V, a network association for the media, creative and digital industries, which BIMM Institute Berlin is a part of.

Want to soak up the atmosphere for yourself? Check out the video and photos below!

The event opened with first-year filmmaking students Aurore Ineza, Daria Kostina and Mila Kreft-Sietnicka (from left to right) welcoming guests, talking about their experience and presenting some of the opportunities they’ve had thus far within the film and TV industries, including interning at the Berlinale.
Director and BIMM Institute Berlin patron Tim Pope (The Cure, Queen, David Bowie) talked about his experience of working with our filmmaking students.
And then the networking session began!

Industry guests also had the chance to tour our facilities including our film studio (featuring the set from one of the students’ latest short film projects and our infinity cove).
They also got to enjoy seeing a collection of filmmaking projects by our students in our very own screening room, Studio Kino.

It was fantastic to see our filmmaking students get stuck into making valuable industry connections so early in their careers. We can’t wait for the next one!

Want to kickstart your filmmaking or acting career with incredible networking opportunities like this? Build your network and learn in facilities at the forefront of the stage, screen and film industries as a student on our BA (Hons) Filmmaking and BA (Hons) Acting for Stage, Screen and Digital Media courses.

Applications are open. For any questions, get in touch with our Admissions Team via email or by phone on +49 (0) 30 311 99 186.

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