Tim Pope Filmmaking Scholarship winner announced

12 August, 2022

BIMM University Berlin is delighted to officially announce that the recipient of the Tim Pope Filmmaking Scholarship for 2022/2023 will be Dejana Vučićević.

This incredible scholarship covers all three years of tuition and gives access to mentorship from legendary director Tim Pope throughout their studies.

Over a series of weeks, Tim Pope (BIMM University Berlin Patron) and Alex Hobden (Principal of BIMM University Berlin’s Screen & Film Faculty) reviewed an incredible 120 scholarship applications until finally settling on Dejana.

“We had 120 submissions from all over the world and from different cultures. The process was not easy as so much of the work we saw was totally amazing. From looking at the material she submitted and by interviewing her, Dejana has so much potential to be a great filmmaker. I hope by her attending our amazing Screen & Film Faculty, and by my personal mentorship, she will be able to reach her goals.”

– Tim Pope, Patron, BIMM University Berlin

About Dejana

Born in Bosnia, 24-year-old Dejana Vučićević moved with her family to Slovenia when she was two years old. Growing up in a small Slovenian town called Žalec, film played a big part in Dejana’s early years:

“[My interest in film] kind of started with my family showing me old Yugoslavian movies when I was little, which I then found oddly appealing. I love the way that drama and comedy are intertwined in these films and found that they complement one another very well. I’ve always had a visual perception of everything – books, music, stories – so that was automatically how I wanted to communicate my thoughts and feelings.”

– Dejana Vučićević, Tim Pope Filmmaking Scholar

Image depicts Dejana Vučićević at the Fabian Wagner event
Dejana Vučićević at the Screen & Film Faculty’s summer Open House with Fabian Wagner

Dejana’s application

As part of Dejana’s application, she responded to questions on her film inspirations, diversity in the industry and her personal aspirations:

“I want to be able to make films that, in my own way, recreate my family’s and my own stories and tell stories about where I come from. I want to take interesting and visually chaotic tales of a small country and build a bridge to share them with the world.”

– Dejana in her scholarship application

Her application also featured work around Dejana’s self-funded short film ‘The Meaning of Life’, which follows the tale of the “boringly awkward” life of Maice, a young woman with a degree in philosophy who remains unemployed because “there are no philosophy factories in town.”

“Watching Dejana’s film submission sent shivers down my spine. Whenever this happens to me, I know I’m experiencing something special. Dejana self-funded the film and shot it with borrowed equipment and a cast and crew of friends, which is ambitious for any filmmaker. This showed me Dejana’s passion, drive and determination to succeed, even under the most challenging of circumstances. Her essay submission was thoughtful, well-constructed and well-researched, and, in her interview, she beamed with enthusiasm and raw potential. I am delighted that we have been able to offer Dejana this life-changing opportunity.”

– Alex Hobden, Principal, BIMM University Berlin Screen & Film Faculty

Mentorship with BIMM University Berlin Patron and legendary director Tim Pope

Alongside covering Dejana’s tuition fees, the Tim Pope Filmmaking Scholarship will also offer Dejana access to individual mentoring sessions with the man himself. With decades of expertise in feature film, documentary and music video, Tim’s mentorship will provide Dejana with an enormous opportunity to hone her craft under the watchful gaze of a true industry titan.

“It is incredible: I still can’t believe I will learn from someone who has worked with people like The Cure, David Bowie and Soft Cell. I am eager to learn from Tim about the process of working with and for someone to make sure that your work is the perfect fit for theirs – Tim is a real master of this. And, more generally, I am also just massively excited to learn from someone with so much experience in life, films, videos and the industry.”

– Dejana Vučićević

“If I reflect on my career, there have always been key people who came into my life and helped me get to the next stage. I am eternally grateful to these people. I look forward to working with Dejana across her three years of study and encouraging her to be her best. And I will do my best to be there for her.”

– Tim Pope

“The good news is you’ve got it”: announcing Dejana as the Tim Pope Filmmaking Scholar

After her application and multiple interviews, the moment finally came for Tim and Alex to reveal to Dejana that she had been selected as the Tim Pope Filmmaking Scholar:

“The moment they told me I felt so overwhelmed and thankful – I couldn’t even comprehend what was going on. I’m sure I cried and swore. It was an incredible feeling of appreciation that someone is willing to give me a chance to follow my dreams. It was definitely one of the happiest moments of my life.”

– Dejana Vučićević

We can’t wait to see how Dejana’s craft develops during her studies with us. Make sure to stay tuned as we follow Dejana’s journey into filmmaking.

Want to experience Dejana’s reaction to the news? Check out the video below!

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