Student experience

Besides opening the doors to the creative industries, we offer a friendly and welcoming place for you to discover who you really are.

Life at BIMM Institute is about becoming part of something bigger than your own personal journey. The friends you make at BIMM will last you a lifetime, and the connections you make will jump-start your future career. The BIMM community is somewhere you can find out who you really are, unleash your creative talents, and carve out your place in the world.

We believe there is more to education than just lectures and assignments. That’s why we constantly bridge the gap between learning and experiencing. This is a place that offers so many opportunities, and everything is here for the taking.

Through internships, one-one tutorials, optional modules and student association societies, there are plenty of ways to enrich your passion.

If you ever need a hand with anything (whether it’s taking care of your wellbeing, housing advice, learning support or just adjusting to life away from home), our Student Services Team is always on hand to give you the advice and guidance you need.

"I truly feel like I am part of a supportive and loving community. I think the overall experience is so reliant on what you are willing to put in; if you work hard and support your peers, you will see results and opportunities will naturally present themselves. Just be yourself, be kind and you will easily find your people!"
Sally von Hofsten, Vocals

Student Enrichment

Our extracurricular activities complement your main studies, provide you with new skills and help you become who you were always meant to be.

Enrich Your Passion

Student Support

We understand that sometimes you might want a helping hand. That’s why our friendly and fantastic support network is here should you ever need it.

Lean on Us

Student Association

The BIMM Student Association (BSA) works to improve student experience at our colleges through student societies and events.

Offering a safe space and community through societies, social events, talks, educational activities, sports teams and more, the BSA is a fantastic way to connect with new people, gain valuable life skills and build your own BIMM experience.

Find your tribe here

BIMM Berlin Production Studio guitar

“At BIMM Institute, I am surrounded by like-minded people every day who share a passion for music. This atmosphere inspires me and keeps me motivated on my journey. My favourite experience so far has been connecting with other students and learning how to collaborate."
Ivan Mendez

My BIMM Experience

Many of our students have got stuck into the BIMM way of life and experienced working in the industry before the ink’s dried on their certificate.

Check out how students have found the BIMM experience so far – and what tips they have for when you join us. BA (Hons) Events Management graduate, Ells Sivakumaran, gives her advice on how best to settle in and build confidence.

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