Why do we teach in English at BIMM University Berlin?

When you first set foot in one of our BIMM University Berlin colleges, you become part of an exciting international student community. To make sure that all our students can make use of all the benefits that this community brings, our courses are delivered in one common language: English.

But the reason we teach in English goes beyond the classroom walls. It is part of our mission to get you ready for your dream career in the creative industries. As the music and film industries become ever more global, English is without doubt the common language. While many have the basics of the language, studying at BIMM University Berlin in English will give you the edge over the rest. Your skills will go beyond holding a polite conversation on set or in the studio. Instead, you will be creating, collaborating and leading from the front – all in the most important language of the global creative industries.

Prof. Dr. Christian Baierle headshot - BIMM Berlin

“BIMM University Berlin prepares students for every aspect of the industry. Their courses take an international approach and are taught in English, which is a reflection of how today’s music industry is connected across the globe. I know how important this is from my experience with ROBA. Even in our German offices and our main office in Hamburg, communication with partners takes place largely in English.”
Prof. Dr. Christian Baierle, Managing Director, ROBA Music Publishing

English in the industry

When you’re ready to look for work – either as a graduate or alongside your studies – you’ll find that English fluency is an important requirement for almost every opportunity in the creative industries. Even if a local language is used in the office, more and more companies rely on English to communicate across borders. And in an industry where time is money, being able to communicate clearly and use key technical language with confidence is what employers want to see.

But fluency in the industry also goes beyond industry interaction. As a creative, whether that be on stage or on screen, English allows you to connect with collaborators in the industry and gives you access to a broad audience. Even if you’re creating in a language other than English, if you can create press releases, market yourself and be interviewed in English, your reach as a creative will extend to all corners of the world.

Find out more about our English language requirements for study at BIMM University Berlin.

English language requirements

Dave Meisner headshot - BIMM Berlin

“My role includes connecting our students to the industry, finding placements and job opportunities. No matter who I talk to in the industry, I hear the same thing time and time again: English is a crucial part of the students’ skill set. We prepare our students to be industry-ready and part of this is that courses are taught in English.”
Dave Meisner, Guests and Events Coordinator

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