Music facilities

Learn in the heart of Berlin’s music industry – surrounded by venues, bookers and global music companies

Our music facilities bring distinct areas of the industry together under one roof. As a student with us, you’ll get exclusive access to the same tools, tech and equipment that musicians and industry professionals use today.

Open six days a week, our facilities are there for you to explore your craft to the maximum, with access to resources and instruments long after your lecturers go home for the day.

Our music facilities have also received Ableton Certified Training Centre status, giving you access to the latest products including Ableton Push and Live.

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About our music facilities


Recording studios

Lay down your tracks in your choice of three recording studios. As part of our studio offering, you’ll find a range of digital and analogue mixing desks, effects modules, vocal booths and more.

Live performance spaces

Get familiar with the experience of performing on stage with spaces that feature concert-grade sound systems, stage lights and professional standard mixing consoles.

Mac labs

Master the tools required by modern musicians in our three Mac Labs. From production software to graphic design packages, there’s a range of tools for musicians and industry minds alike.

Rehearsal rooms and teaching spaces

Learn from industry experts and develop your projects in our multi-purpose rehearsal spaces. Equipped with full backlines and PA setup, all rooms are acoustically treated and soundproofed.

Drum room

Drill your fills and perfect your rudiments in our specialist drum teaching space. Filled with Roland E-Drums and an acoustic kit, this is the room to take your groove to the highest level.

Instruments and equipment

Borrow equipment and instruments for your projects. From guitars and basses to microphones and DJ controllers, our dedicated equipment room is there to kit you out with what you need.

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Explore our facilities in person by joining us at an Open Day.

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