Katty Lange

Lecturer, Music Business *

Katty Lange (Booking Agent, Artist Manager, Creative Director)

Firmly rooted in the electronic music industry for over 15 years, the trained bank clerk has established herself in many areas of the music industry.

Focus, assertiveness, strategic thinking combined with love and passion for music accompany her career, which began in 2004 with the record label Tresor Records. Since then, her journey has spanned many areas of club culture. From label work to club organisation to night management.

In 2007 she took over the label management at the Detroit label, 430West and has been the artist manager of the live act Octave One since then. In 2012 the foundation stone for the career as a booking agent was laid at the Berlin booking agency Kinetic-am, which was essential for the later founding of her own agency.

In 2016 she founded the booking agency Triangle with her 3 long-term business partners. Triangle offers her a creative platform to express herself culturally and professionally internationally. The long-term and close cooperation with Jeff Mills gave her the opportunity to look beyond the musical horizon and to realize various further projects in art and culture.

Her principles are strength and calm for every situation, as well as an open look ahead, while the main focus always remains: the
realizations of the artist and her employees.



* Freelance lecturer
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