Lukasz Polowczyk

Lecturer, Filmmaking *

Lukasz is a filmmaking lecturer at BIMM Institute Berlin, he is the definition of the modern eclectic. As an artist, his work explores the notion of translating poetry across different types of media: from print to sound to film to site-specific installations. His work as AINT ABOUT ME has been featured in the likes of The Wire and Lodown magazines; played on BBC 3 Late Junction, WorldWide FM, BBC 1 (the Mary Anne Hobbs show) etc. Since 2008, Lukasz also works as a communication designer and creative director; helping artists and labels with visual identity development, content creation and media outreach. His clients include labels such as Sony Music, Warner, Friends of Friends and Project Moon Circle; artists such as Robot Koch, Rosa Anschütz, Max Cooper, Kyson, Black Sea Dahu etc.

Lukasz lectures and gives keynote speeches on topics that relate to pr (content driven) strategy and the art of translating music into visual media (press photos, videos, design & product design) as well as creative writing techniques.

* Freelance lecturer
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